Release of Project4 Open Beta 2 scheduled for toda


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Nov 22, 2007
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As with any project, it's good to take incremental steps leading up to the final product. That's exactly what homebrew developer Auraomega has been doing with the Project4 XMB application for the Sony PSP.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Auraomega's brainchild, Project4 XMB is basically an alternative to the existing PSP XMB browser. This work in progress has been successfully tested on the Sony PSP Slim, and currently supports custom firmwares from 3.10 and above.

The developer has mentioned that the ETA of the Project4 Open Beta 2 is today, so while we await that, here's a summarized listing of the updates in the latest version of the XMB application:

* a basic screenshot function for theme previews
* a new loading option for games
* new options in a revamped config menu
* a new menu thread
* various bug fixes
* a new, quick, universal patch
* a new sysDump function that dumps all Project4 system variables in case of BSoD

As Auraomega's Project4 XMB application is a work in progress, expect further updates from the homebrew developer as the release of the second Open Beta draws nearer. We'll keep you posted as the developments come in.

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