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Aug 7, 2008


These are a couple of tweaks to play Ocarina of Time 3D with controls slightly closer to the N64 version. It only works properly for the US version and with language set to English, because I really just made this for my own use and I don't understand French, Spanish, etc.

What I've done here barely/doesn't quite qualify as a "hack" because the actual changes to Ocarina of Time 3D are pretty minimal and cosmetic. That's because the actual control adjustments were simply made using @mcaboosec's ButtonSwap3DS, which hijacks input system-wide, not specifically in Ocarina of Time.

Besides that, I edited some menu and HUD graphics and the game's dialogue to replace the original button prompts with the adjusted ones used here. I also removed the "Navi" prompt graphic that flashes on the top screen, similar to @peroxidex's hack found here.

What does this do?
  • It remaps the controls in several ways:

    Most obviously, it allows you to play the ocarina using the L button and D-Pad, instead of the game's usual L, R, A, X & Y button controls. The D-Pad layout is set up to match the original N64 version's ocarina controls, so that, e.g. "Zelda's Lullaby" is played by hitting D-Pad Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right.

    It also rearranges the face buttons so that the B button is the primary action/confirm/etc. button, and the Y button is the sword/cancel/etc. button, in line with the physical button layout on the original Nintendo 64 controller. This leaves the A button as one of your assignable Item buttons. I know this change isn't ideal for everybody. I'm probably not going to do anything about it anyway.

    The last change control-wise is that the Select button has been mapped to open either the ocarina or the items menu (choose which version you want to install) instead of simply behaving as a second Start button. You can hit Select to pull up the ocarina or Items menu instead of using the on-screen touch button to do it.​

  • It adjusts the HUD and dialogue graphics in several ways:

    "New" C-Button graphics have been added to the game for use in all ocarina screens and dialogue prompts--these are actually ripped straight from the N64 version. Technically these should be D-Pad directions instead of C-Buttons, but I like the C-Buttons, so ... tough.

    Button graphics have been edited to match the new layout, e.g. the general Action button on the top screen is now labelled B, cancel buttons in menus are labelled Y, etc.

    The touch buttons from the ocarina screen have had their graphics removed. WIth the remapped buttons they weren't labelled correctly any more anyway and I didn't want to make new art for them because I'm never going to use them anyway. On the upside, you can now see the whole ocarina graphic which was previously obscured. Technically you can still use the touch buttons, but they're invisible and ... you've already got physical buttons, what are you doing messing around on the touch screen anyway.

    The "Navi" prompt on the top screen was removed, because it sucks.​

  • It adjusts the dialogue very slightly:

    "Normal" button prompts are separated from "musical" button prompts, i.e. when you're learning to use a shield, you're instructed to press the R button, but when you're learning to use the ocarina, you're instructed to press the C-Down button, even though both of these are in practice "the same button" (you can shield using D-Pad Down if you really feel like it).

    Dialogue where characters talk about the buttons without using the actual control codes (the Know-It-All Brothers in Kokiri Forest, Navi in the Deku Tree) are adjusted to match the new layout. I only found two examples of this, early on in the game where characters are teaching you what the Action button is, but it's very possible that I missed more.​
How does this work?

Included in the ZIP are a compiled ButtonSwap3DS CIA (with a custom title ID so it won't overwrite your previous ButtonSwap install if you have one) to install with all of the control changes, and a LayeredFS directory for use with your preferred setup (for Luma3DS, drop the folder on your SD in sdmc:/luma/titles) for the graphics/dialogue fixes to go with it. If you're using Luma, don't forget to Enable game patching in the settings by holding Select on boot.

Any time you want to play Ocarina of Time 3D, you'll need to launch the Ocarina of Time Classic Controls title from your Home Menu, then launch the game. Keep in mind, the button layout will be changed even in the Home Menu, so you won't be able to navigate the menu using the D-Pad and the B button will behave as confirm, etc. Use the touch screen if it's too hard to get around.

If you're new to using ButtonSwap3DS, don't worry--it's not permanent or anything, just shut off your 3DS to make your controls go back to normal.

What are the downsides of using this?
  • You no longer have a D-Pad in Ocarina of Time with this controller remapping, so you can't do any D-Pad things like navigating the menus or enabling/disabling the minimap. The Circle Pad and touch screen are still able to navigate menus just fine.

    I actually tried to fix this using ButtonSwap3DS's combo functionality so you could use a modifier button to return the D-Pad to normal, but for whatever reason, button combos just don't work in Ocarina of Time 3D, it's single button remappings only. They go from working fine in the Home Menu to dead in OoT3D.​

  • Arguably, confirm and cancel are "broken" because they're on B/Y instead of A/B, unlike other 3DS software. But that's sort of by design.

  • If you're used to the 3DS ocarina patterns, this will screw you completely, because the buttons are rearranged and the prompts now cater exclusively to "C-Button" users. You can technically still play the ocarina using the face buttons, but you'll have a bad time. Either use the D-Pad or avoid this "hack" entirely.

  • The button layout for playing ocarina isn't really very true to the N64 even after all this, e.g. the 3DS L button is still taking the place of the N64's A button (e.g., L, Down, Up for "Song of Storms"). But changing that would mean putting camera adjustments on a face button, etc., there's just no sensible remapping for that.

  • Maybe other things that I haven't noticed yet?

EDIT: I've attached an updated version which fixes one graphic I missed and an alternative CIA which puts the Items menu on Select instead of the ocarina. You can install either CIA depending on which option you prefer.


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Jul 16, 2021
Nevermind, I found out how to install this mod in citra. When you open citra and see the list of your games, right click on ocarina of time 3d and select "open mods location". Just put the mod in that folder and it will work like a charm, been playing with it enabled lately. You'll eventually need to mess a little with the controls settings to make the c-buttons and your d-pad match.
Shout-out to op, oot without the c-buttons ocarina seemed just so wrong xD
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