[Release] [New 3DS only] BBC iPlayer for New 3DS (browser-based) (UK IP addresses only)

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    UPDATE: Catch-up TV page loading speed has been massively improved, from 5+ seconds to at most 1 or 2 seconds, normally basically instantaneous.

    Hey GBAtemp,
    I made a web app that lets you watch BBC iPlayer catch-up TV with the New 3DS browser!

    It also works with LIVE TV streams, and subtitles are supported for catch-up TV too.

    You don't even need a homebrew-compatible New 3DS to use it, as it runs entirely in the browser!

    It will also work for the Wii U browser, as it has the same feature set as the New 3DS's browser.

    Due to the BBC's stream geoblocking, this probably won't work for you if you live outside of the UK. You're more than welcome to try, however.


    1. Open the web app in the New 3DS/Wii U browser (http://iplayer.nonm.co.uk/)
    2a) For live TV, scroll down and choose the channel you want to watch and skip to step 4.
    2b) For catch-up TV, tap the search button in the top-right corner and start typing the name of the show you want to watch. As you type you'll see the search results appear.
    3) Tap the show you want to watch and then choose the episode. (Note: if there are multiple shows with the same title then you may be brought to a "show selector" page once you tap the search result. As far as I know this only happens with "Bing" and "Spotlight", but don't worry, it all works as normal once you choose the one you want.)
    4) Tap the big Play button and get watching!

    4a) If you're watching catch-up TV then subtitles should be available - just tap "Subtitles" at the bottom of the touch screen and then tap "iPlayer Subtitles".

    Please note that this ONLY WORKS ON THE NEW 3DS, and not the standard 3DS, because it uses the advanced capabilities of the New 3DS browser to function.
    If I ever find a way to make this work on an Old 3DS then I'll get to it, but as is there isn't. (The YouTube app won't play videos not encoded by YouTube for some reason, even though it can load other websites)

    Here's the link: http://iplayer.nonm.co.uk/

    EDIT: Found a way to improve speeds MASSIVELY - implementing now
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    Very cool, thanks
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    website down. btw, youtube app can play videos from other websites
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    Unfortunately, the YouTube app isn't compatible with BBC iPlayer streams, and it would require a significant amount of bandwidth and processing power to transcode iPlayer content to a format suitable for the YouTube app.
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