(release) My arcade 10 dashboard and apk launcher (homebrew)

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    Jun 17, 2018

    I am releasing a project that i think people may care about if they are interested.
    very easy to install as well. use android commander and install or push via adb. get the following emulators by either compiling them from your phone having the source code or getting the ones available from the development section of explualpha's website and install them on the device to go with this launcher:

    nes.emu 1.5.27-beta1
    neo.emu 1.5.28
    md.emu 1.5.27-beta1
    gba.emu 1.5.27-beta1

    dont ask me where to get the paid version of the apps i do not encourage piracy.

    after install of the dash choose it to always be the startup app (it will give you the choice. this reverses to normal if you uninstall via adb/android commander)
    the directories to put games are


    additionally you can put a wallpaper in /mnt/sdcard/wallpaper.png so you can make the wallpaper to your taste.

    -This dash uses a theme song made by MVG. Afaik i believe he is ok as long as proper credit is given from what ive seen in his sound cloud.

    the emulators detect the coin, back start, the d-pad and the baxy button configuration as three separate controllers and you have to assign the corresponding buttons to each controller profile. It works please do not blame me if you have a hard time figuring this out. With all due respect to please ask questions here hopefully others can help you with questions you may have.

    -you try this at your own risk.
    -there is no backup method for the my arcade 10 so all mods go at your own risk dont blame me.
    -this has only been tried on the model that doesnt like usb external devices if you are brave and try it on your model feel free but again at your own risk.
    -includes an app drawer to launch your own apps installed via adb as well as the original launcher

    download here:
    *snip* new version coming soon. this is outdated now.
    how it looks (version is newer than video but it will give you an idea:

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    Is the link down? I would like to try this project.


    WD_GASTER2 I tinker and code.

    Jun 17, 2018
    link is up.are you having issues dling it?
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