ROM Hack [Release] Monster Hunter Stories Save Editor MHSEC-G


Jun 15, 2020
Can anyone re-share the tutorial pls? The original link doesn't work and the new link information has been deleted. I want to replay MHST before MHST2 releases later this year, but don't feel like grinding all over again. Pls help.


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Sep 16, 2009
Can anyone re-share the tutorial pls? The original link doesn't work and the new link information has been deleted. I want to replay MHST before MHST2 releases later this year, but don't feel like grinding all over again. Pls help.

This link worked for me, if you need it let me know I copied it while back


Other Nickname Legarad
May 28, 2008
Anyone know how to recompile? I downloaded the source code of this Save Editor and discovered the text file where the objects are in Japanese and I am translating it. But I want to check it out before sharing


Other Nickname Legarad
May 28, 2008
Finish transcribing the items in English. This is the result. The names that remained in Japanese are exclusive to the Japanese version and in the European / American version they come out with the @ symbol and without description. As I said earlier it won't compile, but this information can still help if you look at the hexadecimal numbers called offset and ID. That way they can locate the object in the program even if it is in Japanese

10    1    Herb
18    2    Potion
20    3    Mega Potion
28    4    Lifesoot
30    5    Lifepowder
38    6    Dust of Life
40    7    Max Potion
48    16  Vital Essence
50    9    Immunizer
58    8    Ancient Potion
60    A    Antidote Herb
68    B    Antidote
70    C    Aloe Leaf
78    D    Burn Ointment
80    E    Anesfreesia
88    F    Anti-para Potion
90    10    Hot Pepper
98    11    Energy Drink
A0    12    Girthy Garlic
A8    13    Zest Pill
B0    14    Soapgrass
B8    15    Blast-Be-Gone
C0    18    Manyberry
C8    19    EyeDrops
D0    1A    Nullberry Elixir
D8    AE    Burn Meat
E0    AF    Rare Steak
E8    B0    Well-done Steak
F0    B1    Muscle Meat
F8    B2    Toughness Meat
100    B3    Quickness Meat
108    B4    Gourmet Meat
110    1D    Hunter Donut
118    1F    Royal Donut
120    20    Val Habar Donut
128    21    Drome Donut
130    24    Guild Donut
138    25    Sugarpaw Donut
140    26    Chocopaw Donut
148    27    Well-done Donut
150    59F    プリン
158    1B    Cool Mist
160    1C    Hot Mist
168    C6    Raw Meat Sushi
170    C7    Dragon Noodles
178    C8    Extra-fresh Sushi
180    C9    Shroom and Larva
188    CA    Toungemato Salad
190    CB    Rock Salt Tuna
198    CC    Spicy Meatballs
1A0    CD    Stone-roasted Fish
1A8    CE    Frozen Mushroom
1B0    CF    Queen Paella
1B8    D0    Kingly Steak
1C0    D1    Ancient Panacea
1C8    9F    Vitality Nutriment
1D0    A0    Strenght Nutriment
1D8    A1    Defense Nutriment
1E0    A5    Reverse Nutriment
1E8    28    Might Seed
1F0    2A    Adamant Seed
1F8    2C    Quickfoot Seed
200    29    Demondrug
208    2B    Armorskin
210    2D    Fleetfoot Potion
218    2E    Whetstone
220    2F    Super Whetstone
228    4F    Surrogate Gem
230    50    Moxie Gem
238    76    Flash Bomb
240    77    Sonic Bomb
248    81    Stone
250    7B    Throwing Knife
258    78    Poison Knife
260    79    Paralysis Knife
268    7A    Sleep Knife
270    8C    Paintball
278    8D    Smoke Bomb
280    8E    Binoculars
288    1FE    Trap Tool
290    8F    Pitfall Trap
298    90    Shock Trap
2A0    91    Tranq Trap
2A8    202    Large Barrel
2B0    92    Big Barrel Bomb
2B8    9E    Paw Pass Permit
2C0    9D    Paw Pass Ticket
2C8    1B1    Training Charm
2D0    1B2    Tracking Charm
2D8    1B3    Gathering Charm
2E0    1B4    Lucky Charm
2E8    1B5    Finding Charm
2F0    1B6    Mounting Charm
2F8    1B7    Selling Charm
300    1B8    Buying Charm
308    1B9    Adamant Charm
310    1BA    Might Charm
318    1BB    Recovery Charm
320    1C2    Training Charm+
328    1C3    Fortuitous Charm
330    297    H.Crystal(Pure)
338    298    H.Crystal(Fire)
340    299    H.Crystal(Water)
348    29A    H.Crystal(Thndr)
350    29B    H.Crystal(Ice)
358    29C    H.Crystal(Drgn)
360    125    Fire Res Bead
368    126    Fire Res Jewel
370    127    W Res Bead
378    128    W Res Jewel
380    129    Ice Res Bead
388    12A    Ice Res Jewel
390    12B    T Res Bead
398    12C    T Res Jewel
3A0    12D    D Res Bead
3A8    12E    D Res Jewel
3B0    12F    All-Res Bead
3B8    130    All-Res Jewel
3C0    131    Flaming Bead
3C8    132    Flaming Jewel
3D0    133    Torrential Bead
3D8    134    Torrential Jewel
3E0    135    Frigid Bead
3E8    136    Frigid Jewel
3F0    137    Flashing Bead
3F8    138    Flashing Jewel
400    139    Draconic Bead
408    13A    Draconic Jewel
410    13B    All-Elem Bead
418    13C    All-Elem Jewel
420    13D    Power Bead
428    13E    Power Jewel
430    13F    Speed Bead
438    140    Speed Jewel
440    141    Tech Bead
448    142    Tech Jewel
450    143    Pwr Res Bead
458    144    Pwr Res Jewel
460    145    Spd Res Bead
468    146    Spd Res Jewel
470    147    Tech Res Bead
478    148    Tech Res Jewel
480    149    Evasion Bead
488    14A    Evasion Jewel
490    14B    Critical Bead
498    14C    Critical Jewel
4A0    14D    Attack Bead
4A8    14E    Attack Jewel
4B0    14F    Defense Bead
4B8    150    Defense Jewel
4C0    153    Health Bead
4C8    154    Heatlth Jewel
4D0    155    Lat Thnder Jwl
4D8    156    Abnormal Jwl
4E0    157    Fire Scale Jwl
4E8    158    Water Scale Jwl
4F0    159    Ice Scale Jewel
4F8    15A    Drgn Aura Jwl
500    15B    Tenacity Jewel
508    116    Herbivore Stim
510    117    Brd Wyv Stim
518    118    Fly Wyv Stim
520    119    Fng Bst Stim
528    11A    Brt Wyv Stim
530    11B    Fng Wyv Stim
538    11C    Leviathan Stim
540    11D    Tmnocrn Stim
548    11E    Amphibian Stim
550    11F    Eld Drgn Stim
558    120    Psc Wyv Stim
560    121    Universal Stime
568    1CF    Aged Felvine
570    4A4    Fine Stomach
578    1F0    Black Pearl
580    1D0    Felvine Coin
588    1F2    Grand Felvine
590    1D1    Unique Mushroom
598    1EF    Silver Cricket
5A0    1D2    Auristone Piece
5A8    1D3    Small Goldenfish
5B0    1D4    Snowflover
5B8    1D5    Blcodstone
5C0    1D6    Brocadefish
5C8    1D7    Ancient Beans
5D0    1DA    Tropical Berry
5D8    1DB    Crystal Bone
5E0    1DC    King Cactus
5E8    1DF    Royal Rhino
5F0    1D8    Royal Honey
5F8    1DD    Silver Spidersilk
600    1DE    Rusted Fragment
608    1E3    Divine Rhino
610    1E2    Volcano Pepper
618    1E0    Coal
620    1E1    Golden Bone
628    1E4    Great Shroom
630    1D9    Crimson Coral
638    1EB    Golden Cricket
640    1E5    Golden Fish
648    1E7    Aurora Grass
650    1E6    Diamond Dust
658    1E8    Icebound Bone
660    1EA    Choice Mushroom
668    1EE    Century Walnut
670    4B8    Luminous Stomach
678    1ED    Balmstone Chunk
680    1EC    Ancient Coin
688    1E9    Auristone Chunk
690    1F3    Timeworn Page
698    1F4    Mazewalker's Seal
6A0    1F1    Bottle Cap
6A8    2E9    Torn Chains
6B0    2EA    Protovisor
6B8    2EB    Rusted Collar
6C0    2EC    Manelger Mail
6C8    2ED    Blackgold Protectr
6D0    2EE    Mysterious Crystal
6D8    2EF    High Metal Armor
6E0    2F0    Gold Alloy Armor
6E8    2F1    Invincible Armor
6F0    2F2    Translucent Tear
6F8    2F3    Pure Tear
700    2F4    Pristine Tear
708    210    Woemill Wheat
710    22A    Fatty Tomato
718    23D    King Truffle
720    23E    Beauty Shroom
728    253    Honey Butter
730    254    Snakebee Larva
738    265    Spicy Worm
740    266    Rice Worm
748    283    Comet Salt
750    2AF    Sushifish
758    2B0    Queen Shrimp
760    2B3    Sharktuna
768    2C5    Raw Meat
770    2C6    Popo Tongue
778    4AB    Wyvern Carcass
780    20F    Sap Plant
788    20E    Ivy
790    20D    Fire Herb
798    211    Gloamgrass Bud
7A0    212    Cactus Flower
7A8    252    Honey
7B0    23A    Blue Mushroom
7B8    23C    Nitroshroom
7C0    23F    Toadstool
7C8    23B    Dragon Toadstool
7D0    229    Paintberry
7D8    227    Nullberry
7E0    228    Dragonfell Berry
7E8    A8    Bumblepumpkin
7F0    280    Ice Crystal
7F8    279    Iron Ore
800    27A    Earth Crystal
808    27B    Pelagicite Ore
810    27C    Machalite Ore
818    284    Lightcrystal
820    27D    Dragonite Ore
828    27E    Yoldspar Ore
830    285    Bealite Ore
838    282    Isisisum
840    27F    Firestone
848    281    Novacrystal
850    286    Carbalite Ore
858    287    Fucium Ore
860    288    Firecell Stone
868    2B1    Whetfish
870    2B2    Sleepyfish
878    2B4    Speartuna
880    269    Spider Web
888    25F    Bitterbug
890    261    Flashbug
898    260    Godbug
8A0    263    Thunderbug
8A8    264    Insect Husk
8B0    26A    Carpenterbug
8B8    262    Shiny Beetle
8C0    26B    Hercudrome
8C8    267    King Scarab
8D0    268    Rare Scarab
8D8    2D1    Wyvern Barbs
8E0    48E    Brute Bone
8E8    48C    Monster Bone (S)
8F0    48D    Monster Bone (M)
8F8    4A8    Monster Bone (L)
900    4A9    Monster Bone+
908    4AA    Dragonbone Relic
910    2E7    Wyvern Stone
918    2E8    Wyvern Gem
920    2D3    Screamer Sac
928    2D5    Poison Sac
930    2D6    Toxin Sac
938    2D7    Paralysis Sac
940    2D8    Debilitation Sac
948    2D9    Sleep Sac
950    2DA    Coma Sac
958    2DB    Blast Sac
960    2DC    Explosion Sac
968    2DD    Flame Sac
970    2DE    Inferno Sac
978    2DF    Aqua Sac
980    2E0    Torrent Sac
988    2E3    Frost Sac
990    2E4    Freezer Sac
998    2E1    Electro Sac
9A0    2E2    Thunder Sac
9A8    2E5    Whelp Core
9B0    2E6    Dragon Core
9B8    4C1    Eld Dragon Blood
9C0    4AC    Kelbi Horn
9C8    492    Aptonoth Tail
9D0    493    Popo Pelt
9D8    4AD    Apceros Shell
9E0    491    Slagoth Hide
9E8    4AF    Herbivore Bone
9F0    4A7    Gargwa Feather
9F8    4BB    Blue Gargwa Fther
A00    4A2    Shaka Treasure
A08    4B7    奇面族の秘宝
A10    4A6    Pawprint Stamp
A18    4BA    Barrel Lid
A20    49B    Konchu Shell
A28    499    Bnahabra Shell
A30    49A    Vespoid Wing
A38    4A3    Altaroth Stomach
A40    4B4    Neopteron Shell
A48    48F    Monster Fluid
A50    4C0    Monster Broth
A58    4BC    Thunderbug Juice
A60    4BD    Thunderbug Jelly
A68    4BE    Dragonbug Juice
A70    4BF    Dragonbug Jelly
A78    4A0    Velociprey Scale
A80    49D    Genprey Scale
A88    49C    Ioprey Scale
A90    49E    Jaggi Scale
A98    49F    Baggi Scale
AA0    4B5    Brd Wyv Scale+
AA8    34D    Velocidrome Hide
AB0    34E    Velocidrome Claw
AB8    34F    Velocidrome Head
AC0    350    Velocidrome Hide+
AC8    351    Velocidrome Claw+
AD0    352    Velocidrome Body
AD8    33B    Gendrome Hide
AE0    33C    Gendrome Fang
AE8    33D    Gendrome Head
AF0    33E    Gendrome Hide+
AF8    33F    Gendrome Fang+
B00    340    Gendrome Body
B08    341    Iodrome Hide
B10    342    Iodrm Violet Scale
B18    343    Iodrome Head
B20    344    Iodrome Hide+
B28    345    Iodrm Violet Scl+
B30    346    Iodrome Body
B38    347    Great Jaggi Hide
B40    348    Great Jaggi Claw
B48    349    King's Frill
B50    34A    Great Jaggi Hide+
B58    34B    Great Jaggi Claw+
B60    34C    Great Jaggi Head
B68    40D    Great Baggi Hide
B70    40E    Great Baggi Claw
B78    40F    King's Crest
B80    410    Great Baggi Hide+
B88    411    Great Baggi Claw+
B90    412    Great Baggi Head
B98    314    Kut-Ku Scale
BA0    315    Kut-Ku Webbing
BA8    316    Giant Beak
BB0    317    Kut-Ku Scale+
BB8    318    Kut-Ku Wing
BC0    319    Splendid Beak
BC8    31A    Blue Kut-Ku Scale
BD0    31B    Blue Kut-Ku Shell
BD8    31C    Blue Kut-Ku Ear
BE0    31D    B. Kut-Ku Scale+
BE8    31E    B. Kut-Ku Crpace
BF0    31F    Blue Kut-Ku Ear+
BF8    320    Rubbery Hide
C00    321    Gypceros Webbing
C08    322    Gypceros Head
C10    323    Rubbery Hide+
C18    324    Gypceros Wing
C20    325    Gyp Hardhead
C28    326    Rubbery P. Hide
C30    327    P. Gypceros Web
C38    328    Rubbery P. Tail
C40    329    Rubbery P. Hide+
C48    32A    P. Gypceros Wing
C50    32B    Rubbery P. Tail+
C58    437    Qurupeco Scale
C60    438    Qurupeco Feather
C68    439    Strange Beak
C70    43A    Qurupeco Scale+
C78    43B    Qurupeco Wing
C80    43C    Wonderful Beak
C88    43D    C. Peco Scale
C90    43E    C. Peco Feather
C98    43F    Flamboyant Quill
CA0    440    C. Peco Scale+
CA8    441    C. Peco Wing
CB0    442    Peco Pipes
CB8    377    Garuga Scale
CC0    378    Garuga Ear
CC8    379    Sharpened Beak
CD0    37A    Garuga Scale+
CD8    37B    Garuga Auricle
CE0    37C    Rejuvenated Beak
CE8    449    Arzuros Pelt
CF0    44A    Arzuros Shell
CF8    44B    Arzuros Brace
D00    44C    Arzuros Pelt+
D08    44D    Arzuros Carapace
D10    44E    Arzuros Brace+
D18    3BF    Lagombi Pelt
D20    3C0    Lagombi Plastron
D28    3C1    Lagombi Ear
D30    3C2    Lagombi Pelt+
D38    3C3    Lagombi Plastron+
D40    3C4    Lagombi Ear+
D48    496    Bullfango Pelt
D50    495    Conga Pelt
D58    4B1    Fanged Beast Fur
D60    443    Bulldrome Hide
D68    444    Bulldrome Tusk
D70    445    Bulldrome Bone
D78    446    Bulldrome Hide+
D80    447    Twstd Bldrm Tsk
D88    448    Bulldrome Scalp
D90    353    Congala Pelt
D98    354    Congala Claw
DA0    355    Vibrant Pelt
DA8    356    Congala Pelt+
DB0    357    Congala Claw+
DB8    358    Vibrant Pelt+
DC0    359    E. Congala Pelt
DC8    35A    E. Congala Claw
DD0    35B    E. Congala Tail
DD8    35C    E. Congala Pelt+
DE0    35D    E. Congala Claw+
DE8    35E    E. Congala Tail+
DF0    365    Kecha Pelt
DF8    366    Kecha Longbone
E00    367    Kecha Ear
E08    368    Kecha Pelt+
E10    369    Kecha Grandbone
E18    36A    Kecha Ear+
E20    3D7    Ash Kecha Fur
E28    3D8    A. Kecha Lngbone
E30    3D9    Ash Kecha Ear
E38    3DA    A. Kecha Thickfur
E40    3DB    A. Kecha Grndbone
E48    3DC    Ash Kecha Ear+
E50    35F    Rajang Blackfur
E58    360    Rajang Horn
E60    361    Gold Rajang Pelt
E68    362    Rajang Ragehair
E70    363    Rajang Horn+
E78    364    Rajang Nerve
E80    490    Zamite Scale
E88    4AE    Zamite Scale+
E90    36B    Zamtrios Hide
E98    36C    Zamtrios Fin
EA0    36D    Zamtrios Tailblade
EA8    36E    Zamtrios Hide+
EB0    36F    Zamtrios Fin+
EB8    370    Zamtrios Tailblade+
EC0    371    Nerscylla Shell
EC8    372    Nerscylla Chelicera
ED0    373    Nerscylla Spike
ED8    374    Nerscylla Carapace
EE0    375    Nerscylla Shear
EE8    376    Nerscylla Spike+
EF0    3DD    S. Nerscylla Shell
EF8    3DE    S. Nerscylla Chel
F00    3DF    S. Nerscylla Claw
F08    3E0    S. Nerscylla Crpce
F10    3E1    S. Nerscylla Shear
F18    3E2    S. Nerscylla Claw+
F20    498    Hermitaur Shell
F28    4B3    Hermitaur Shell+
F30    401    Daimyo Shell
F38    402    Daimyo Claw
F40    403    Daimyo Pearl
F48    404    Daimyo Carapace
F50    405    Daimyo Claw+
F58    406    Daimyo Pearl+
F60    407    Plum Daimyo Shell
F68    408    Plum Daimyo Claw
F70    409    P. Daimyo Feeler
F78    40A    P. Daimyo Crpace
F80    40B    P. Daimyo Claw+
F88    40C    P. Daimyo Feeler+
F90    494    Ludroth Pelt
F98    4B0    Ludroth Pelt+
FA0    413    R. Ludroth Scale
FA8    414    Royal Ludroth Tail
FB0    415    R. Ludroth Crest
FB8    416    R. Ludroth Scale
FC0    417    R. Ludroth Tail+
FC8    418    R. Ludroth Crest+
FD0    419    P. Ludroth Scale
FD8    41A    P. Ludroth Claw
FE0    41B    Plum Spongy Hide
FE8    41C    P. Ludroth Scale+
FF0    41D    P. Ludroth Claw+
FF8    41E    P. Spongy Hide+
1000    4A5    Uroktor Scale
1008    4B9    Uroktor Scale+
1010    461    Agnaktor Shell
1018    462    Agnaktor Claw
1020    463    Agnaktor Beak
1028    464    Agnaktor Crpace
1030    465    Agnaktor Claw+
1038    466    Agnaktor Beak+
1040    467    G. Agnak Shell
1048    468    G. Agnak Claw
1050    469    G. Agnak Beak
1058    46A    G. Agnak Crpace
1060    46B    G. Agnak Claw+
1068    46C    G. Agnak Beak+
1070    455    Lagiacrus Scale
1078    456    Lagiacrus Horn
1080    457    Lagi Shockshell
1088    458    Lagiacrus Scale+
1090    459    Lagiacrus Horn+
1098    45A    Lagi Shockshell+
10A0    45B    Ivory Lagi Scale
10A8    45C    Ivory Lagi Horn
10B0    45D    I. Lagi Shockshell
10B8    45E    Ivory Lagi Scale+
10C0    45F    Ivory Lagi Horn+
10C8    460    I. Lagi Shockshell+
10D0    497    Cephalos Scale
10D8    4B2    Cephalos Scale+
10E0    3FB    Cephadrome Scale
10E8    3FC    Cephadrome Fang
10F0    3FD    Cephadrome Fin
10F8    3FE    Cepha Scale+
1100    3FF    Cephadrome Fang+
1108    400    Cephadrome Fin+
1110    46D    Plesioth Scale
1118    46F    Plesioth Fin
1120    473    G. Plesioth Scale
1128    475    Green Plesioth Fin
1130    4A1    Remobra Hide
1138    4B6    Remobra Hide+
1140    38F    Flabby Hide
1148    390    Flabby Webbing
1150    391    Pale Bone
1158    392    Pearl Hide
1160    393    Pearl Wing
1168    394    Pale Steak
1170    395    Alluring Hide
1178    396    Alluring Webbing
1180    397    Alluring Lips
1188    398    Alluring Thnderhide
1190    399    Alluring Wing
1198    39A    Alluring Thicklips
11A0    2F6    Rathian Shell
11A8    2F7    Rathian Spike
11B0    2F8    Rathian Plate
11B8    2F9    Rathian Carapace
11C0    2FA    Rathian Spike+
11C8    2FB    Rathian Ruby
11D0    2FC    Pink Rathian Shell
11D8    2FD    Pink Rathian Thorn
11E0    2FE    Pink Rathian Plate
11E8    2FF    P. Rathian Crpace
11F0    300    P. Rathia Spike+
11F8    301    Pink Rathian Ruby
1200    302    G. Rathian Crpace
1208    303    G. Rathian Spike+
1210    304    Gold Rathian Ruby
1218    305    Rathalos Scale
1220    306    Rathalos Webbing
1228    307    Rathalos Plate
1230    308    Rathalos Scale+
1238    309    Rathalos Wing
1240    30A    Rathalos Ruby
1248    30B    A. Rathalos Scale
1250    30C    A. Rathalos Web
1258    30D    A. Rathalos Plate
1260    30E    A. Rathalos Scale+
1268    30F    A. Rathalos Wing
1270    310    A. Rathalos Ruby
1278    311    S. Rathalos Scale+
1280    312    S. Rathalos Wing
1288    313    S. Rathalos Ruby
1290    39B    Basarios Shell
1298    39C    Basarios Webbing
12A0    39D    Basarios Tear
12A8    39E    Basarios Carapace
12B0    39F    Basarios Wing
12B8    3A0    Basar Teargland
12C0    3A1    R. Basarios Shell
12C8    3A2    R. Basarios Web
12D0    3A3    R. Basarios Head
12D8    3A4    R. Basarios Crpace
12E0    3A5    R. Basarios Wing
12E8    3A6    R. Basa Stonehead
12F0    3A7    Gravios Shell
12F8    3A8    Gravios Scalp
1300    3A9    Gravios Marrow
1308    3AA    Gravios Carapace
1310    3AB    Gravios Jaw
1318    3AC    Gravios Medulla
1320    3AD    Black Gravios Shell
1328    3AE    B. Gravios Scalp
1330    3AF    B. Gravios Marrow
1338    3B0    B. Gravios Crpace
1340    3B1    Black Gravios Jaw
1348    3B2    B. Gravious Medulla
1350    3F2    Monoblos Crpace
1358    3F3    Monoblos Thoracic
1360    3F4    Scarlet Finehorn
1368    3F8    W. Monoblos Crpace
1370    3F9    W. Monob Thorax
1378    3FA    Top Plated Horn
1380    3E3    Diablos Shell
1388    3E4    Diablos Tail
1390    3E5    Twisted Horn
1398    3E6    Diablos Carapac
13A0    3E7    Diablos Tail+
13A8    3E8    Majestic Horn
13B0    3E9    Black Diablos Shell
13B8    3EA    Black Diablos Tail
13C0    3EB    Twstd B. Diab Hrn
13C8    3EC    B. Diablos Crpace
13D0    3ED    Black Diablos Tail+
13D8    3EE    Black Twstd Horn
13E0    32C    Tigrex Scale
13E8    32D    Tigrex Claw
13F0    32E    Tigrex Scalp
13F8    32F    Tigrex Scale+
1400    330    Tigrex Claw+
1408    331    Tigrex Maw
1410    332    Brute Tigrex Scale
1418    333    Brute Tigrex Claw
1420    334    Brute Tigrex Tail
1428    335    B. Tigrex Scale+
1430    336    Brute Tigrex Claw+
1438    337    Brute Tigrex Tail+
1440    338    M. Tigrex Scale+
1448    339    M. Tigrex Blastclaw
1450    33A    Pulsatin Blstheart
1458    47F    Nargacuga Scale
1460    480    Narga Black Fur
1468    481    Narga Cutwing
1470    482    Nargacuga Scale+
1478    483    Nargacuga Pelt+
1480    484    Nargacura Razor
1488    485    Green Narga Scale
1490    486    G. Narga Mottlefur
1498    487    G. Narga Cutwing
14A0    488    G. Narga Scale+
14A8    489    G. Narga Mottlefur+
14B0    48A    G. Narga Cutwing+
14B8    42B    Barioth Shell
14C0    42C    Barioth Spike
14C8    42D    Amber Tusks
14D0    42E    Barioth Carapace
14D8    42F    Barioth Spike+
14E0    430    Amber Tusks+
14E8    431    Sand Barioth Shell
14F0    432    Sand Barioth Pelt
14F8    433    Indigo Tusks
1500    434    S. Barioth Crpace
1508    435    Sand Barioth Pelt+
1510    436    Indigo Tusks+
1518    3D4    Sereg Slavescale
1520    3D5    Seregios Impaler
1528    3D6    Seregios Dissenter
1530    3C5    Zinogre Shell
1538    3C6    Zinogre Shockfur
1540    3C7    Zinogre Plate
1548    3C8    Zinogre Carapace
1550    3C9    Zinogre Electrofur
1558    3CA    Zinogre Jasper
1560    3CB    S. Zinogre Shell
1568    3CC    S. Zinogre Claw
1570    3CD    S. Zinogre Plate
1578    3CE    S. Zinogre Crpace
1580    3CF    S. Zinogre Claw+
1588    3D0    S. Zinogre Umbrage
1590    41F    Barroth Shell
1598    420    Barroth Claw
15A0    421    Barroth Scalp
15A8    422    Barroth Carapace
15B0    423    Barroth Claw+
15B8    424    Barroth Scalp+
15C0    425    Jade Barroth Shell
15C8    426    Jade Barroth Claw
15D0    427    Jade Barroth Scalp
15D8    428    J. Barroth Crpace
15E0    429    J. Barroth Claw+
15E8    42A    J. Barroth Scalp+
15F0    44F    Uragaan Scale
15F8    450    Uragaan Shell
1600    451    Uragaan Jaw
1608    452    Uragaan Scale+
1610    453    Uragaan Carapace
1618    454    Uragaan Ruby
1620    3B9    Brach Shell
1628    3BA    Brach Hammer
1630    3BB    Brach Marrow
1638    3BC    Brach Carapace
1640    3BD    Brach Pounder
1648    3BE    Brach Gem
1650    3B3    Deviljho Scale
1658    3B4    Deviljho Fang
1660    3B5    Deviljho Talon
1668    3B6    Deviljho Blckscale
1670    3B7    Deviljho Tallfang
1678    3B8    Deviljho Gem
1680    386    Kirin Hide+
1688    387    Kirin Thundertail
1690    388    Kirin Azure Horn
1698    389    Kirin Blackhide
16A0    38A    Kirin Frost Tail
16A8    38B    Kirin Icehorn
16B0    37D    Daora Carapace
16B8    37E    Daora Horn+
16C0    37F    Daora Gem
16C8    380    Teostra Carapace
16D0    381    Teostra Mane
16D8    382    Teostra Gem
16E0    3D1    Fatalis Scale
16E8    3D2    Fatalis Crust
16F0    3D3    Fatalis Eye
16F8    A7    Recognition Letter
1700    A6    Commendation
1708    A9    Bronce Ticket
1710    AA    Silver Ticket
1718    AB    Gold Ticket
1720    AC    Platinum Ticket
1728    59E    Rustshard
1738    580    ロックてぶくろ
1740    582    Triforce
1750    584    スタジオRパス
1758    586    Pirate Ticket J
1760    588    Famitsu Ticket
1768    589    Dengenki Ticket
1770    591    Fan Club Newsletter
1780    58A    Odyssy Medal
17A0    58E    Duramboros Seal
17A8    58C    Plushie Voucher
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Jul 29, 2021
United Kingdom
Hi i just wanted to know if anyone is making the hack amiibos that come with eggs for this game just like the 3DS ones that have been made as i unfortunately own a switch that can not be broken

thank every body


Jan 3, 2018
Can anyone help me unlock all of my dlcs please.. im playing in citra and i have no way to claim it since citra cant connect to the internet.. im playing the japanese version 1.3, any help would be much appreciated.


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Nov 16, 2020
Can anyone help me unlock all of my dlcs please.. im playing in citra and i have no way to claim it since citra cant connect to the internet.. im playing the japanese version 1.3, any help would be much appreciated.

For some reason the DLCs don't work on Citra.


Jan 3, 2018
For some reason the DLCs don't work on Citra.
Even if i installed the dlcs its still locked through Mr. Nekode the connection cat and the citra has no way to get it since it needs to connect to the internet just like mhxx, but in mhxx there someone who made is a way to get it, so im just hoping if someone can do it also with mh stories.


Jan 7, 2012
United States
Don't suppose anyone knows the Duramboros code for the armor?
Isn't Duram Japan-only?
Hey does anyone know the code for the duramboros armor for the US version of the game? I can't find it in the backup sheet
This has been asked before as well.

Edit: can a mod delete my previous post? For some reason Shift+Enter seems to immediately post a message now.
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Oct 25, 2021
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I know but it was asked moooooonths ago and not sure if anyone saw it. An easy way to see is if someone does have the armor, if they open their save file it should give us the id and the color codes.

Oh and its not japan-only from what I was reading. Unless I'm reading wrong.
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