[Release] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team NTR Plugin 1.1.0

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    Mario & Luigi Dream Team (USA) cheat plugin for NTR CFW

    This was tested on BootNTR.cia (NTR 2.4), with an O3DS XL, Luma CFW 11.0 SysNAND, Mario and Luigi Dream Team cia version with no official patches installed (This may work with the official patch installed but I haven't tested it). This plugin was based off of Godson's and decadence's addresses from Fort42 for Gateway.​

    - Press R+UP/Down:
    Will add/subtract 1, 5, or 10 (configurable from cheat menu) to a specific stat (configurable from cheat menu) to either Mario or Luigi (also configurable via cheat menu)​
    - 999,999 coins cheat in cheat menu
    - Infinite HP/BP for Mario and Luigi in cheat menu

    Copy the file cheat.plg to /plugin/00040000000D5A00/ in sd/microsd card, boot to NTR and press R+UP to increase the stat or R+DOWN to decrease the stat. Please make sure that when using the cheat menu to configure the stats that only mario or luigi are selected between those two, only 1 stat is selected, and that only one value modifier (+1, +5, +10) is selected. The default values are set to (Mario | HP | 1)

    - The subtraction works funky with HP or BP so be careful that you don't make them go below 0.
    - The infinite HP/BP works technically only in battle. Just take damage or use a bros. attack and it will be set to the respected character's max.

    - Latest Release (GitHub)
    - 1.1.0 will be uploaded to this post as well

    Planned features:
    To add the ability to have the stat modifier to affect both Mario and Luigi at the same time
    - The ability to set your own value for the stat modifier through an item (more than likely mushroom)
    - Infinite health that doesn't modify your current HP to an arbitrary number Added in 1.1.0
    - 99 of all items
    - Been working on this feature but every time I run it crashes on O3DS. Message me if you want to try the in dev version. (If you have a N3DS)​
    - (Trying to currently figure out) The ability when choosing stats for characters (I.E. Mario/Luigi, Stat Type, Stat inc/dec amount) for the check mark next to that cheat item to be reset to off so player doesn't have to manually turn off the modifiers
    -EUR and JAP versions

    - NTR CFW by cell9 and companions
    - Godson from Fort42 for addresses to stats.
    - imthe666st from reddit for a lot of help on C
    - decadence from Fort42 for addresses to items

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    I know it's been a year since you posted this, but is it possible you can still send me the dev version? I have a n3ds :)