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    Dec 20, 2017
    FHeroes2 is a free implementation of Heroes of the Might and Magic II engine. Engine itself is pretty much fully functional. It also brings additional QoL improvements which can be turned on or off (like hiring units from the well). The only big thing that's missing is official campaign support, but most of original and custom scenarios are working nicely.

    • Install VPK
    • Copy HEROES2.AGG and HEROES2X.AGG (if you own Price of Loyalty expansion) from the original games DATA folder to the ux0:data/fheroes2/data and everything from MAPS folder into the ux0:data/fheroes2/maps. Data from both original/GoG or demo version should work.
    • For additional info about music support check the projects github page.
    • Left analog stick - Pointer movement
    • X button - Left mouse button
    • O button - Right mouse button
    • D-Pad - Map scrolling
    Touch controls are also somewhat supported.


    Hero/AI/Combat speed, pointer movement speed, sound/music loudness, game resolution/scaling and translation can be configured with config file. If you want to change any of the above, copy fheroes2.cfg from ux0:app/FHOMM0002/ to the ux0:data/fheroes2 and edit it.

    Downloads and source code:
    github (dot! stupid spam filter) com/Northfear/fheroes2-vita/releases

    Special thanks to everyone who helped me with advises on #vitasdk IRC.
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