[Release] BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale UNDUB

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    Nov 26, 2014
    This is a small romhack for restoring original Japanese voices in BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale.
    Nothing really special, it’s mostly a proof that DSiWare romhacking is possible.
    I haven’t seen any bugs so far, so I decided that it can be released.

    You must use CFW that patches TWL_FIRM’s sig checks to run undubbed game.
    By the way, it is almost perfectly playable with NO$GBA 2.8b:
    Game was also patched to region free, even though it doesn’t really matter these days.

    I will upload patched game on both iso and chaos sites later, but you can also patch it yourself.


    1. Download attached .rar with required apps and IPS patch, extract it;
    2. Get clean game somewhere else, you should be able to find it in NDS format;
    3. Alternatively, download the game as CIA using something like FunKeyCIA or CIAngel,
    and place CIA into the folder you extracted provided .rar in (CIA must be named “000480044b425a45.cia”).
    4. You’ll have to edit “extract.bat”: replace all “x” after “--titlekey=” with decrypted title key, make sure it is not encrypted one.
    Save and run .bat file. This should give you “out.0000.00000000” file. Its hash must match this one:
    SHA-256: 5CAE65190B16B332B39608391B4EEA551AD37F30D25FE2224E783F376E1CFBC7
    5. Rename “out.0000.00000000” file to “BlayzBloo.nds” and apply the patch using Smart IPS:
    Hash of patched file:
    SHA256: 4D4E96E21F096E8D91BB187897440B19FC53F3857602AD2339829BA3192BC2AC
    6. Run “cia.bat” and you should get “BlayzBloo.cia” ready to install.

    About this romhack:

    As you may know, content of any DSi rom is verified by hashtables to protect it from modifications.
    Checks performed by game itself, not by console, that’s why patched TWL_FIRM can’t help here.
    You can find more info about digests on DSiBrew and GBATEK.

    Naturally, I can’t even dream about patching actual checks in game’s code, so I simply recalculated all hashes.
    But I won’t go into details, because the method I used was dirty as hell. Quite inconvenient too.
    That method would be unfitting for any serious romhacking that would require a lot of testing.
    I really hope that someone will be interested in making a tool for quicker and easier hash recalculating.
    You can read the idea of what has to be done under spoiler.
    After modifying the rom
    I want to thank everyone involved in hacking of both DSi itself and TWL side of 3DS.
    I don’t put actual names because I could forget someone.
    It wouldn’t be possible without all their hard work.

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