[Release] Ao no Kiseki (PC) - Evolution OST Mod (with working loops)

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    This is basically the full OST with loops working correctly. The problem with the Crossbell PC versions is that the loop codes (unlike the Trails in the Sky STEAM releases) don't store their loops in the ogg fileheaders themselves but externally in the t_bgm._dt file in the ../data/text/ folder. Simply replacing this file with the one provided and of course the ../data/bgm/ folder will make it work flawlessly. Before anyone asks: I didn't set the loops myself but I've had an older release of the game on one of my external HDDs which for some reason had the working/looping Evo OST. The only thing I did was to locate the file which contains the loops.

    Theoretically this can also be done with Zero no Kiseki, but it requires to modify its t_bgm._dt and set the loops manually. It would be cool if there were a method to not only convert the Vita version's AT9 files but also read their loop codes. But sadly the latter is not possible yet (at least from my knowledge). So manually setting the loops for 100+ files seems to be the only possible way to make a Zero Evo mod as far as I know.

    As for the Ao Evo OST itself: Unlike Zero Evo and Sora SC/3rd Evo this one has been done entirely by Yukihiro Jindo and Toshiharu Okajima without other arrangers, leading to a very faithful and consistent OST.

    Original OST:

    Evo OST:

    Download Mod (mega.nz)

    Password for zip: mondblut

    A short installation instruction is provided in the readme.txt.
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