Release: 6.60 TN-B for Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha

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    Managed to get in on it this time. For how long we'll see ;)
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    ok i got tn menu 0.2 running I USED MAD BLOCKER ALPHA EXPLOIT but NO CLUE how to get homebrew installed id like to use the FTP client wololo provided but dont know how to install it heres the details: my problem is i cant do what wololo simply says "install ftp with what tools? i can copy the savedata over but it sure does nothing when you get to tn menu 0.2 lol heres a vid link of what i see when i load the exploit

    Copying ISO/CSO Method One (Easy way)
    1. Install the FTP Homebrew app and launch it. I’m using Kingdom Hearts in this example…
    2. Take your ISO/CSO and make sure it is named with 8 characters (Try not to use numbers to avoid issues) and that its all caps. (Do not ask me where to get isos or csos!)
    >KingdomHearts2.iso -BAD
    3. On your vita you will be shown the address for the FTP server. Type that into your browser (example: Its best to use Firefox with the FireFTP addon.
    4. Find your ISO/CSO on your computer and drag it over into the ISO folder (Make sure you have a folder named ISO at the root if not make one.)
    5. After its finished copying over, exit out of FTP Vita and your ISO or CSO will be there, just hit X to launch it (Note*: Most games will work, some wont)
    Copying ISO/CSO Method two (Harder way)
    The reason this is harder is that sometimes the ISO/CSO will not show up or wont copy and using PSPFILER every time is a hassle. FTP is the best way to do it.
    1. Move the ISO/CSO into the save data folder (Exploit) and move it onto the vita like normal (Use the same rules of naming the ISO/CSO 8 characters, all caps)
    2. Using PSPFILER or something similar and move through the file manager and find the ISO/CSO
    3. On the root make a folder called ISO if you havent already and move your ISO/CSO inside
    4. Your structure should be something like ms0:/ISO/
    5. Back out to Tmenu, find the game and launch it and Enjoy!
    Note by Wololo: Independently of each blogger’s personal opinion, this site does not condone piracy. Do not request (or point people to) places that distribute pirated content
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    Follow these instructers for installing homebrew:

    However, they don't quite seem to work with the Mad Blocker version, so here are my modifications:

    1) in your Mad Blocker save folder, open the new zip file you made containing PSP>GAME>BLAHBLAH
    a) there should be an "" file if this is the vitaftp tool.
    2) Extract the EBOOT.PBP file into the working directory (BLAHBLAH folder), and delete the ""
    3) Zip the PSP folder inside the Mad Blocker save folder, and keep the 8 CAPITAL LETER character + CAPITAL LETER extension naming convention (I named it FTPFTPPP.ZIP)
    4) open content manager on the vita
    5) copy from PC > Vita
    6) copy madblocker save
    7) start mad blocker, choose "VITA FTP"
    8) install it
    9) from mad blocker exploit again choose "VITA FTP" and it should work =)

    Let me know if it still doesn't work or if any step isn't clear.
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    Ahh, it's nice to have PSP kernel access again. The improved homebrew/emulator compatibility is very nice. And I'm loving the fact that these usermode exploits are coming from PSP Minis; not only are they cheap, but kicking straight into the payload when starting the mini is so much nicer than having to wonder through a PSP game to trigger the payload.
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    well i believe they will start checking the minis creator if they follow correct gaming development ,meaning they will ask them to have stricter check in their development to avoid the overflow and the exploit.what in the end will happen is a bitch sony not beach that nobody will be interested to develop anything.
    it is the same with cellphones they release close soucre in drivers for their android and some tweakers never got interest on their powerfull yet closed devices
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    I didn't download mad blocker :(.
    How to know when the next exploit is found? Do you follow a specific scene, forum..? please send me a MP if somebody has any information...

    Thank you
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    You need to go register on the Wololo forums. They're gearing up for another Ninja Release, and that's where it will be posted first.

    From there you need to watch their forums and their blog like a hawk, because as an otherwise untrusted newbie you won't see it until shortly before it's publicly announced (at which point Sony pulls it within hours).
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    I'll keep a look on this Wololo forum.. thank you
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    Guess I'll be registering too, I barely missed the last 2. Knowing my luck I'll miss one this too

    Just curious so I dont miss it, do they PM it to you there or something? Or is it just some sort of secret post that pops up in waves
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    It has already been publicly announced (see their front page), but for the Ninja stage it's basically a secret post that pops up in waves. It's a giant green box, so you wouldn't miss it.