Region + Serial change for dsi systemtransfer to maintain "old"/initial NNID on source 3ds.

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    Nov 11, 2016
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    Basically: Create nand backup, format nand and change region + serial in the SecureInfo_A file to create a new NNID with a "new" serial. (Question 1: Since the Serial is changed will the "old" initial NNID stay active on the backup? Question 2: Could I try and use the serial of the target 3ds?)

    Then do the prep work for dsi nfirm downgrade and transfer to target 3ds. (Target 3DS should now have NNID which was created with the "fake" serial)

    After that restore backup which has the original SecureInfo_A (with the original region + serial).

    Now the question is:

    a) is that even possible since you would systemtransfer with a nnid which was registered on a fake serial and

    b) would the old backup still maintain/contain the old nnid tied with the legitamte serial.

    Appart from that: Is there any other "serial" the nnid is tied to / which you cant change?


    So the "overall" idea is:

    1) Change region/serial from EU to NA.

    2) Create new NNID with fake serial (or if possible serial from target 3ds) / region (old nnid shouldn't go inactive since its serial was never used)

    3) Do dsi nfirm downgrade / systemtransfer with NA 3ds

    4) Recover old EU region/serial through backup with still active NNID