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    Aug 11, 2007
    United Kingdom
    I've not been on GBA temp for like a week and it looks like lots of stuff was released (Well... 2 things that interest me lol)

    Firstly, couldnt find a thread with details of USB loader 1.4 in it anywhere after 8 pages of searching lol so if someone could explain the new features (That is of course if we're uup to 1.4 yet. i might have read it wrong lol).

    Second, whats the need for cIOS_r10? All i've heard is that it stops backups working properly so far.

    And last, i DL'd Guitar Hero Metallica the other day, burned it to disc first and put it in my Wii but no go for loading from the disc channel [​IMG] It's NTSC obviously, but i'm on a PAL Wii. When i was on 3.2E, NTSC games (as far as i tested) worked fine from the disc channel... Currently, it does load same region games from the disc channel.

    Menu 4.0E
    cIOSCORP (with cIOS60BF.wad)
    Preloader 0.29 (no hacks on currently)

    It manages to load through the USB Loader and the Gamma Loader too.

    Any other specs needed just ask and i'll get back straight away lol

    Cheers! [​IMG]
  2. Download the hacks.ini for preloader and enable "Reigion free disk channel"
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