Redsteel freezes my Wii.

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    Oct 9, 2007
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    Okay, I've finished everyone's missions besides the Fish Market one.
    So, I catch the guy, beat him in a sword battle and get into the dock.
    Get to the dock, still fine, get to the part where the Katana Giri is stolen from me, it has a 10% chance of freezing my Wii at this point, the only way to power it off is by removing the power source.
    But this isn't where the problem is.
    If I manage to get through that part, I go and get the Katana Giri, spare the mans life, then I open the door(Where you are supposed to get a checkpoint and brought back to the dock) this is where it hangs and freezes the Wii 100% of the time.
    My Wii in not modded, it's a normal, clean Wii, up to date firmware.
    One time I got past this, beat the guy holding the owner of the boat hostage and it froze there as well.

    I called Nintendo and they said they couldn't help me, I called Ubisoft but for the past two days their service lines have been undergoing maintenance, and I wrote an e-mail to Ubisoft.

    Now I was wondering, I got this game Used at a local GameCrazy, but it was only played once and there were no scratches on it, nothing. So, I have my Wii still under Warranty, would I be able to send the game to Nintendo and get a new one?