Red Steel 2 - your opinion so far?

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    Having played a few levels of Red Steel 2, the game that I heaped all my hopes of M+ onto, I have to say I prefer the sword fighting in Wii Sports Resort. Blocking seems more important and strategic in WSR, you have to move your sword in the correct direction to block the attack. In Red Steel 2, you just press "A" to block, how you hold your sword is seemingly irrelevant (at least in the first few levels, let me know if this changes.)

    Add the terrible voice acting and cheesy story, and I have to say I much prefer Wii Sports Resort.

    That's not to say RS2 is a bad game, it's by all means decent. I love the art style, the atmosphere, and the control options. I'd give it a mid 70's or low 80's score. I was just hoping for something incredible that took the FPS genre in a new direction.
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    gutting they havent put on a 4 player shooting mode... But, still good!
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    I think the game is AMAZING!!!

    I ordered it off Amazon with a second Wii Motion Plus, and I was going to wait for the real copy... but when I saw the PAL version was online. I couldn't resist.

    The controls are beautiful. So smooth, and simple. The combo's are amazing, the graphics/artstyle is incredible.

    I'm a few hours in, and I have a feeling the game is going to only be 6 hours, but I don't care.

    Ubisoft deserves my $60, and I can't wait for my legit copy.

    I'd give it a 9.0-9.3.