Recovery mode nonworking on my original DS?

Discussion in 'Other Flashing Hardware & Software' started by Vague Rant, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Aug 7, 2008
    EDIT: I was mistaken about my problem as stated in the topic title, it's the flash cards which don't boot, not my original DS vs. a Lite.

    I flashed my original model v3 firmware DS a few months ago with FlashMe noauto v8a largely to get rid of the warning screen, but also for the sake of the added security, but for whatever reason, the recovery mode doesn't seem to work as intended. I performed the original flash from an EZ-Flash V, and have since noflashme'd and reflashed the DS using an Acekard 2(.1). Running recovery mode from either of these carts has been a complete failure; the result when I try to use recovery mode is two white screens and a blinking LED, however, when I use either my girlfriend's CycloDS, which boots about as well as expected (the Cyclo has a conflict with FlashMe recovery mode, but it at least boots) or my 3-in-1 with FlashMe written to NOR (which works perfectly), the recovery mode itself works. Removing the 3-in-1 from the equation doesn't change anything, so it's not any sort of conflict. I realise that I can just leave FlashMe on my 3-in-1 at all times, but it's a crappy solution and I'd prefer to be able to recovery-boot to a SLOT-1 device. Does anyone have any ideas as to what my problem might be?

    EDIT2: I've also tried renaming the FlashMe NDS to replace the flash cards' default menus (akmenu4.nds on the Acekard and ez5sys.bin), but recovery mode continues to hang in the same manner. Booting normally successfully ran flashme, but that's entirely useless in the event that my DS becomes bricked.
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    I remember quite a while ago, when I bricked my DS Lite by trying to install flashme, I managed to do it by borrowing my sister's R4, and using a program to encrypt (or something like that) and make it boot Flashme instead of the R4 menu, and I managed to reflash doing that.

    I use a CycloDS, and I have the same problem with the conflicting software when trying to use recovery mode.

    I think what recovery mode does it it boots directly into slot-1 so if you can make it immediately load flashme when you load the flashcart, that should work.