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    How do people do that? I always see Video Game video's where it's directly from the screen, but I can't figure out how they do it. Say like I wanna record me playing Guitar Hero, there's always that annoying background noise and the black line that runs up/down my tv.

    Do I have to buy like a separate thing to capture it directly? Can I use my digicam in some way?
    Help D:
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    A) If you have a camera that lets you hook up to your TV and record digital video (like on an SD card).

    B) You get a firewire card and record you playing to a tape or DVD, then put that tape/disc into a player hooked up to your firewire card in your PC and use a video editor to record to a digital file on your harddrive while it's playing.
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    To record in-game footage from a console of you playing you need to get a video capture card. Tons of videos on youtube on how to set those thingsup.
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