Gaming Recalbox 7.0 Released with Raspberry Pi 4 support and Intel NUC support!


Jan 12, 2020
United Kingdom
It's the time for a new major Recalbox update, the 7.0!
For those who don't know what is Recalbox, it is a famous OS for retrogaming developed by passionate players and you can install it on Raspberry Pi of all generations and x86/x64 and even now on Intel NUC family!
More than 1 Year of work was needed for this new version!
With this new update, it can emulate more than 100+ system and it even embeds Kodi :)


This new update provides a major update with a big changelog, here are some highlights:
  • Recalbox 7.0 is now firmware, faster, and more robust than ever!
  • Fully compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 4 (2/4/8GB, but only the 2GB is really useful) and the NesPi4Case (You can find a review of this case here)
  • Natively compatible with the INTEL NUC range of mini-PCs (and many other PC configurations now!)
  • BIOS manager (correct/missing/incorrect) directly from the general menu, with automatic check before each game.
  • Automatic detection and configuration of +80% of USB/Bluetooth controllers on the market, including all 8BitDo controllers.
  • Management of virtual systems, with creation of automatic categories, such as editor, Arcade, genre (RPG, Shoot'em up, Sport...), but also "all games", "last games played" and "multiplayer games".
  • The audio part was totally rewritten and now compatible with MP3, FLAC, OGG OPUS, Amiga, Wave and MIDI modules!
  • Multi-system search engine, to find your games easily!
  • "Pad-To-Keyboard" function added to play your computer games normally with your controller!
  • A dozen of new emulated systems (bringing to +100 systems now supported!) including the much-awaited Atomiswave, NAOMI, NAOMI GD-ROM, Jaguar, Nintendo 64DD, OpenBOR (Beat'em up engine), Solarus (A-RPG "Zelda-Like" engine), EasyRPG (RPG engine, compatible with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003), Amiga CD32 or Naomi
  • MORE THAN 120 FULL GAMES LEGALLY OFFERED, some of which are totally exclusive for Recalbox users!

You can NOW download this here:
Full changelog:
and get more info about Recalbox:

Pour les Français, petit message de la Team Recalbox
A défaut d’avoir pu exposer sur le moindre salon ou convention Jeu Vidéo en 2020 à cause du Covid-
19, l’équipe de Recalbox donne RDV à ses utilisateurs pour un événement exceptionnel :

Pour fêter comme il se doit la sortie de Recalbox 7.0 vendredi 2 octobre 2020 à 21h, l'équipe de
Recalbox vous donne RDV dès le lendemain matin SAMEDI 3 OCTOBRE de 10h à 20h dans le superbe
FabLab "Micro Folie" situé en plein milieu du Centre Commercial Régional Evry2, à Evry (91, Essonne)
pour une grande journée rencontre/démonstration IRL
En plus présence de digitalLumberjack, le créateur de Recalbox ainsi que de nombreux developeurs de l'OS !
L'évenement est gratuit dans le respect des gestes sanitaires.
Une journée de folie !
Source: Recalbox Press kit
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