Reason to stop smoking

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Wii started playing up a couple of weeks ago, kept getting DRE after DRE.

    Then it started working again. Then it stopped and started again. Then it stopped for 3 days, just wouldn't read discs.

    Then on Friday night it started reading them so I thought right thats it, 1 more time and its in the bin.
    Got up Saturday and it stopped wouldn't read anything.

    Stripped it and was minging internally. Most of it smoke. (its not like I smoke a lot but I have had it a year and a half.)
    It wouldn't clean up so had to fit new drive and swap wiikey over. Works a dream now.

    Only thing was I couldn't get the homebrew channel to work. Reformatted the SD card, put the files back on and it wouldn't have it. I am running 3.3E so can't use the original twilight hack.

    It was then I realised my daughter had put the GC card back in...... took the bloody thing out and it worked first time, now I can start playing my GH3 custom discs again.

    Just need some nicotine patches now!