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    RealWnD v0.11
    1:1 NAND Dumper

    RealWnd is a 1:1 Wii NAND dumper based on YaWnD 0.3. This update bring a small bugfix for a misinterpretation of an error code.

    "All currently available Wii NAND Dumpers misunderstand the IOS_Read() returned error code -12 and cause the dumped image file to be different from the image that would extracted by an external hardware programmer off a de-soldered NAND chip.

    After analyzing, the -12 code seems very likely to be an ECC error but not simply a bad block. Most pages with a -12 return code might be unmanaged free blocks (with the ECC error caused by erased and not yet reprogrammed blocks). Zeroing these pages is a bit dangerous. If it happens that it's the very first time the ECC error occurred for a good page while dumping, zeroing it might render the dumped image useless.

    Besides the -12 code, some people encounter a -11 code and stop their dumping. I guess the -11 code might be NAND read timeout and NAND status error. Stopping the dumping is not a good idea but zeroing it would be safe. I also provide an extra Page Debug Dump of these -11 codes for the user to later analyze.

    For those whose NAND dumps without a -11 code, RealWnD can help them make a 100% 1:1 dump which is exactly the same as a hardware programmer dump."

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    YaWnD makes an app called RealWnd... YARLY.
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