Really weird problem with my friend's 360.

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  1. War

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Alright, so my friend has this old 360, manufactured back in 06. It's his second 360, and he never uses it because of this problem that started happening. He hooks up the 360 to any TV, turns it on, and nothing shows up. I tried using 3 different sets of cables (the ones that came with that 360, the ones that came with his Elite, the ones that came with MY 360) and it didn't change a thing. No red lights come up, and it doesn't sound like the fan is overheating. It seems to be functioning completely normal, but the picture just doesn't show up. All the cables are hooked up correctly, and yes, the switch is set to SD and not HD. I honestly can't tell whats wrong... like I said, we even tried different TVs. When he uses the exact same cables and TV but plugs his Elite in, it works perfectly fine.

    We found a store that says they can repair it, but they want to charge him 60 bucks just to tell him what's wrong with it. Do you guys know what it could be?
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    The thermal paste on the GPU is fail/has failed, as per usual on older 360s like that.
    Probably have to open it up and remove any paste that's there, add new stuff, and it should work.
    Never happened to me, but it's happened to my friend as well and he cleaned that stuff and it worked for him, so yeah.

    Tons of videos of why/how-to's on youtube, I'm sure.
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    Sep 12, 2009
    if its not red ringing, its an output issue... ie the screen output is PROBABLY set to the wrong setting... there is a method to reset it back to stock settings... google it
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    mine did the same thing except the video output messed up a lot before hand
    like inverted colors then it just stopped displaying anything

    I just did the x-clamp fix and it worked again