Real time save problems

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    Dec 6, 2006
    Hi guys, just joined the Forum.

    Well here`s my problem, I have a DS Lite with a Supercard CF. I am getting Black screens when re-loading a real time save with GBA games. For example I start Metroid Zero Mission, enter the third room then do a RTS. If I then Re load the save, all is fine -- BUT if i try it after the DS has been switched off for a while I get Just a black screen, the game is running, i can here the sound - in fact if I manage to blindly leave the room the graphics re-appear.
    This happens with a few other games, Zelda Minnish Cap, Metroid Fusion, Tomb raider, plus a few more but not all my games.
    Things i`ve tried - A different CF card, a different game rom, Upgrading firmware and patching software, a different NDS and even on a Gameboy advance, In fact today i`ve just tried it on a new Supercard LITE with Micro SD memory - I get the same problem every time.
    This is so annoying because after getting so far into Zelda Minnish cap I`m left in the dark, wandering around !!

    Any help appreciated cheers !