RE4 Confirmed & Details of Umbrella Chronicles

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    Famitsu has new on of the two Capcom Res Evil titles.

    From CVG:
    " Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles will be an on-rails first-person shooter, Japanese magazine, Famitsu, has revealed.

    Translations on NEOGAF reveal that the player will be restricted to a set path, seemingly like a traditional lightgun game, but will be able to use the analogue stick on the Nunchuk controller to look around as they aim and shoot with the Wii Remote.

    Levels will, however, contain multiple routes and you will be able to choose which path to take at certain points.

    The plot will reportedly follow the story of the Umbrella corporation and its ultimate demise, and will see appearances from Resi stars Jill, Chris, Billy, Rebecca, and the hard-as-nails Albert Wesker.

    Let's just hope the game doesn't turn out to be as shonky as the Resident Evil Gun Survivor games, which shared a similar FPS format."

    From various places:
    Also in Famitsu they tell of Bio Hazard 4: Wii Edition, this updated version features new Wiimote-specific controls. These include using the remote to aim weapons, moving the control to reload and using a knife by waggling the controller. It will also include Ada's missions from the PS2/PC versions and also a Umbrella Chronicles trailer.