re3-nx: Reverse engineered GTA 3 for Nintendo Switch


Hello, this is my first public homebrew project.
It's a port of re3 for the Nintendo Switch, a reverse engineered/decompiled version of GTA 3.

Source code:

The re3 project is done by the people at GTAmodding, a group of dedicated GTA modders. Most of the work for crossplatform ports was done by the original re3 team, including swapping out Windows stuff with OpenGL and GLFW. Using the GLFW ports for the Nintendo Switch, as well as other libraries used by the project, I was able to seamlessly port it.

Only 30fps with the frame limiter on is supported for now: you can turn off the frame limiter but a number of still unfixed bugs related to high framerate might be present. There can be occasional stutters. You can configure graphic options on the graphics setup menu. Settings are mostly like the PC version aside from graphics, display and controller stuff. You can choose from multiple controller layouts, configure audio, graphics, language, etc. Saves are stored on the userfiles folder.

For more information about the project, check out their main GitHub page here.

You might want to turn Free Cam on under Display Settings, to enable camera controls like in GTA SA and other newer games.

You need to obtain the original files of the game legally for this to work! You can buy the game on Steam as well as in the Rockstar Games Official Site.

Quality of Life patches and bugfixes that aren't present in the original PC version are already included, so there's no need for mods like SilentPatch and etc.

GitHub Actions:

How to install:

  • Download, which contains, which contains a folder of the same name.
  • Create a folder called re3 inside the switch folder on the root of your SD card (so you get a re3 folder inside /switch/), and create a userfiles folder inside it as well.
  • Place GTA 3 PC files inside /switch/re3/ (not included with the downloads, buy it and get it legally!).
  • Copy the contents of the re3-oal-switch folder into the /switch/re3 folder (do this after copying the PC files, important!).

That should be it. I'll be maintaining this for the foreseeable future if any serious issues arrive, and probably will try to make QoL improvements if possible.
And again, HUGE shout out to the original re3 team: They did all the hard work of reverse engineering the entire game! Without them this wouldn't be possible.
Also special thanks to Ash_735 and IlDucci for providing textures for the Switch button prompts and the controller layout, respectively, and to madebr for helping me out with CMake configuration.

I hope you guys enjoy it!


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