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    Below is a PM by a user that asked some good questions. My answers are in RED.

    Since you seem to know a lot about slot 2 carts, I figured I would ask you some questions directly instead of making a thread. I hope you don't mind. Here it goes *takes a deep breath*

    1. Are there any slot 2 carts that have 100% or near 100% gba compatibility?
    The higher the compatibility the flashcart has, the more likely it is not made anymore. Things like built-in rumble, light sensors, etc drop the compatibility down for all flashcart. 100% compatibility is an unrealistic number, that is also true for DS flashcarts.

    2. Based on your experience, which has the highest gba compatibility? Slot 2 carts, gba expansion packs, or the iplayer gba emulator?
    Low 90s

    3. Is there any pre-patching required for gba roms to function on a slot 2 cart like an ez-flash iv? I mean to say a general patch of some sort, that all roms need to run on a slot 2 cart. Maybe an sram patch? I don't know.
    That depends on the flashcart, not every flashcart supports every save type. For games with a specific save type that is not supported requires SRAM patching. Most common is the EEPROM save type, it is not supported whereas SRAM is the most common.

    4. Is there a special process for gba slot 2 carts? Or is it drag roms to microsd (or other form of removable media) and play right away?
    That depends on the gba flashcart. The older the flashcart in terms of generations, the more hardware and software is needed between you and flashcart. Last generation of flashcarts are those that use external flash memory, those like the EZ-Flash IV and the M3 perfect lite and supercard lite.

    5. Do any of the good slot 2 carts have zip file support?
    Some do, it tends to slow down the loading process and is mostly discouraged for those with short loading times expectations.

    6. Do slot 2 carts act similarly to gba expansion packs? As in, do you load roms onto a micro sd card, boot the slot 2, choose a game, and then choose to flash either to psram or nor?
    No, it is like putting a square inside a circle. Where the square is GBA only and the circle is Slot2. You will have areas of the circle not encompassed by the square. That means: GBA flashcarts are Slot2 devices, but not all Slot2 devices are GBA flashcarts. Example of such are rumble packs, the GPS device, and FM tuner; these are examples of Slot2 devices that are not GBA flashcart compatible.

    7. Are there any cards with built in storage along with an expansion slot of some sort (microsd, minisd)? I assume no slot 2 carts have sdhc support.
    No, it is either one or the other for storing the games. Example of a full switch over is the EZ-Flash III wich has 100% internal storage and the EZ-Flash IV wich has external storage.

    8. How many have a RTC?
    There are quite a few in the later generations of GBA flashcarts. It was a sought after feature in a flashcart by those that mainly played pokemon and the few other games that used RTC. I find it overrated, because at least 90% of all games do not even use RTC.

    9. Which gba size slot 2 cart would you recommend based on compatibility, etc.?
    None, they all have thier drawbacks. There is a review section with Slot2 listing, you should look at that.

    10. Which ds lite size slot 2 cart would you recommend based on compatibility, etc?
    You only got 2 to choose from, I would suggest getting both.

    11. Are there any slot 2 cards that I should avoid at all costs? I know there is at least one supercard one that only plays nds roms.
    You learn better from your own mistakes, I will let you find that out yourself.

    And one 3in1 question: What were the changes made from the launch 3in1 (v1) to the new3in1 (v2)?
    The EZ-Flash Team couldn't get a specific chip anymore from a supplier. Either the company that supplied the chips went out of business or the chip was discontinued. Results were the same, required a hardware change in the 3in1.

    Thank you for your time.

    You deprive others, those with the same kinds of questions, of answers that benifit everyone by PMing your questions instead of a normal topic post.
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    I suppose it would benefit some people to have these questions public and all in one post. Thanks again for answering.

    I've been looking at ones like the EZ-Flash IV Lite Deluxe and the M3 Perfect Lite. They seem to be the best for the ds lite sized ones. Are those the two that you said I had to choose from? Anyway, I've sorta given up on looking for a standalone slot 2 because of the price and the rarity.

    I think for now I will stick with my two gba expansion packs and wait until the scds2 is released and see how that does with gba emulation. And if there is a game I have that doesn't work with the expansion packs that I want to play, I could try to emulate it on my psp, wii, xbox, or my pc haha.

    For #2 though I didn't quite understand your answer. Do you mean to say that all three of those have around 90% compatibility? I would have figured that a standalone slot 2 or gba expansion pack would have higher compatibility than the iplayer gba emulator. But then again, I have not tried the emulator so I wouldn't know.
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    The M3 Perfect Lite line has interchangable shells, one of which is the GBA sized.

    As for the #2 answer, if you add up the pokemon, games with special addons found on the game and the classic series which doesn't work on the majority of flashcarts you get a number in the 90 percentile.

    GEPs have low compatibility because none support EEPROM except the Ewin, which you can't get unless from another user.