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    Can someone help me get the DLC for RB2 and GH:WT on my USB NAND. I have a NAND FS on my USB drive and Triforce works perfectly. I have a mod of NeoGamma rev6 that will load gamesaves from the USB NAND. It won't let me go online to DL direcly to the NAND. I could do a dump of NAND full of DLC but if i were to do it again for more songs I don't know if it will overwrite the songs from the first batch. When I use wad2nand it gives me the ticket and 2 of 3 files needed in the content folder. I can use wad unpacker to get all the files needed but they are not named correctly and I'm not sure of exactly which files are needed and what to rename them. I also can't seem to DL with NUSD to see if they are already correctly named as i don't have the title ID's or version numbers. If anyone else has accomplished getting DLC into SD/USB NAND any help would be appreciated.