Razer's Chimaera Headset for Xbox 360 Costs $199

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    Headsets are indispensable to maintain focus in the mayhem of LAN parties and for late night gaming, especially if you don't fancy being thrown out of the house by your angry folks. Razer has just the solution for your needs with the Chimaera 5.1 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox 360. The headset has onboard audio processing to allow precise soundstaging and imaging on a 5.1 channel audio setup so that you can pinpoint your enemies with your eyes closed. This is especially useful to locate the n00b camping with the sniper rifle, before he turns you into another easy frag.

    The headphones have a 5.8 GHz interference-free wireless system which lets you hear the screams of your disembodied carcass being mutilated as you raid the fridge within a range of 10m from the base station. The cans have a circum aural design and have separate and independent audio and microphone controls on the ear cups themselves.

    The rechargeable headset battery provides a decent charge that lasts for a claimed 8 hours. Optical (digital) connection is provided for a noise and interference free connectivity. The headset works on the PC as well, but you need to purchase RCA (composite) to 3.5mm cable separately for that.[/p]
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    WOW! They look so frickin awesome!
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    alanjohn check ur pm
    I don't get why this is news.
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    They do? [​IMG]
    Seriously, I think it looks weird, and lame.
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    Same here. Plus the price point is way too high. You could buy a Wii for that.
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    8 hours? That's rediculous! My Logitech F540's last about 20 hours before having to be recharged.