Rayman: Origins Review (PS Vita)

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    Rayman: Origins is a traditional side scrolling platformer from Ubisoft, a franchise that hasn't seen this type of release in some time. This review focuses solely on the PS Vita version of the game, including the controls and various features the game has. Ubisoft has released this game for multiple platforms including the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii and PC. Depending on your controller preference, you can pick and choose which version of the game you would like to experience.


    Ubisoft has brought a very simplified but fun filled side scrolling game to the Vita that offers plenty of content and even 4 player local multiplayer. Players can unlock additional character costumes as they progress through the game and complete special stages, however the primary goal of each stage is to collect as many Lums as possible and rescue the caged Electoons that are hidden throughout the various levels. Collecting a sufficient amount of Lums will reward up to two extra Electoons after the stage is complete, as well as a gold medal if you collect more then a set amount. All of the later stages require 150 and 300 Lums in order to obtain the two extra Electoons, and 350 for the gold medal. You will find Lums scattered throughout the levels, the King Lum will double the value of each Lum for a set amount of time, and Skull Coins reward 25 Lums each. The game also offers Ghost mode once you complete a stage.

    Rayman: Origins is very much a traditional side scrolling platformer in that starts out pretty simple but gets much more difficult as you progress through the game, level design overall can get a bit hairy and cause you to die often. If you die continually, the game will ask if you wish to leave the level and try another (unfortunately if it's a level you have to beat to advance the game, you are a bit SOL). You can unlock abilities after you rescue the various Nymph's who will each grant you an ability such as shrinking in size, the ability to hover or run up walls.

    Much of what makes Rayman: Origins so much fun though, is just how easy it is to die and it forces you to be patient and pay attention to what is going on in the environment. When you collect a heart, that will prevent you from dying for a single hit, so use it sparingly and don't get yourself trapped in bad spots where you will die. There are lots of pits, spikes and various enemies who will take you out quickly and easily the further on you get, so take lot's of care.

    The controls are simple, the R shoulder button can be held to run, X to jump/hover and square to attack. Pressing down on the control stick and square at the same time will cause Rayman to do a drop kick, which can be used to either kill an enemy or bounce off an object. All movement is done with the left analog stick, moving it while punching will cause Rayman to punch in that direct. The touch screen is used to collect Lums and hearts that are inside bubbles, as well as the 3 hidden fangs in most of the levels. Master the controls and you will be jumping, hovering and punching your way to the end of the game in no time.


    Rayman: Origins has some of the best looking art I have seen in a game in ages. The colours are vibrant and the overall art direction is amazing, even on the Vita. The game overall is very simplistic in it's art, you don't have big lush environments but the colour pallet is certainly used quite extensively, plus every world has it's own unique design. You will encounter levels that vary from underwater caverns to a world riddled with drums. The game's engine is the first to use Ubisoft's own studio made engine, entitled UbiArt Framework, which is also being used for Legends which is in development still. Ubisoft has done a nice job of creating vibrant but simple looking worlds that don't use advanced video features, but still prove that good art direction and design makes up for the realism graphics that so many people seem to enjoy.


    Rayman: Origins has a variety of types of music and sound effects that you will either love or hate. At times the music has annoyed me only because the level itself that I was trying to complete annoyed me, but there is at least one boss who annoyed the living daylights out of me with it's sound effects. The music is good otherwise, the underwater level music reminds me of Loco Roco for the PSP for instance, which is mainly happy and relaxing despite the fact that you are swimming through a death trap of spikes and various enemies who will either poke, stab or grab you.

    Lasting Replay:

    There is tons to do in this game, and if you are a completionist or a trophy nut, you won't be satisfied until you have finished the game 100%. After you complete a level, you can still do Ghost Mode and beat your own times. Collecting the 10 ruby teeth from chasing each of the runaway treasure chests, you will gain access to a bonus area with a special boss. There are also 3 hidden fangs in most of the levels that you must tap on with the touch screen to acquire, they will unlock special areas and costumes as well.


    Rayman: Origins for the PS Vita is a worthwhile pickup, it's loads of fun even by yourself and regardless of whether or not you die a lot, you can complete the game if you pay attention. Especially with the small list of really good games for the Vita right now, this is certainly one that will keep you occupied for quite some time. The difficulty is enough that you won't want to slam your Vita or your controller against a wall, but it's not so easy that you won't have to keep trying to complete a level.

    Score: 9/10
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