Rayman Origins now a full retail release, includes local co-op

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Guild McCommunist, May 8, 2011.

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    Ubisoft's retro-fabulous 2D platformer Rayman Origins is no longer a downloadable game, as originally announced at E3 2010, according to the latest issue of Game Informer.

    According to a NeoGAF summary of a preview feature in the new issue, it will now be released later this year as a full retail title on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    Other tidbits from the article include news that the game will feature four-way local co-op play. Online isn't mentioned.

    That said, the levels are being designed with both single and multiplayer in mind so apparently you won't suffer if playing alone.

    Veteran Ubisoft creative Michel Ancel notes that the plan is to make the game more accessible than the original Rayman but still offer seasoned gamers a challenge via speed-runs and collectibles.


    Sounds like great news for Rayman enthusiasts who want to show off their collection. Hopefully a retail release will mean a lot of content.
  2. ShawnTRods

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    Loads of memories attached to Rayman series.. Specially Rayman 3. Rayman 3 was my fav xbox game [​IMG].

    I hope they actually make new and proper RAYMAN games, not Rabbits -.-
  3. purechaos996

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    Awesome, I'm loving the art style to this too. I loved rayman 1 and 2 a lot, 3 was alright but I dont think it was as good as the others.
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    After seeing that trailer a few months ago, I felt pretty sure that Rayman is NOT a complete idiot... Still, it looks fun! [​IMG]
  5. smile72

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    Sep 23, 2010
    Guess I'll buy it when it comes to PS3!
  6. Master Mo

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    I don`t know about this game. We haven`t really seen much from it and I acknowledge that but there are several things I dislike about it right now...

    I really hope that I`m wrong, since I loved Rayman 1 and Hoodlums Havoc (GBA) and since we didn`t really have so many 2D or 3D Rayman games I don`t see why there was a need to change the formula. There are so many co-op games on the market and Rayman would be the last game I`d imagine to have a strong emphasis on co-op-play...

    On going for a retail release: I think it is not a bad thing, since they wanted to release it episodic and if they put everything into disc they had planned as episodes and polish it up in the meantime I think it could be a better option.
  7. Edgedancer

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    Oct 2, 2006
    I am a little dubious, simply because I am unsure of how well it will make the transition to a full retail release, in terms of content. I am sure that it is going to be a quality game, but I just hope that it will be able to justify the price.
  8. Slyakin

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    Interesting! Ubisoft seems to have been focused more on those Raving Rabbits games, so I'm glad to see that an original Rayman is finally coming back. Remakes are nice, but original content is even better!

  9. awssk8er

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    Hmmm, I might actually get this.

    Good to see they are bringing back real Rayman games.

    Kinda sucks that it will be full price though...
  10. Canonbeat234

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    Sep 24, 2008
    Bravo, a game that survived from the Playstation era. *Slowly claps* I guess that's an achievement in itself due to the fact most of the platforming games from the PS1 era either got scrapped, replaced, or forgotten. Makes me wonder since Rayman isn't widely known to my intellect. It's even more rare than Klonoa. Then you have Tomba (you know that pink haired caveman defeating pigs and whatnot?!) You got Monkey Magic (Holy crap, that exist?! It was epic back than but I could never completed...bad CD)
  11. Sheimi

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    If only I had a XBox 360 or a Playstation 3. Anywho, it's nice to see Rayman is revived.
  12. SamAsh07

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    Rayman....[​IMG] it was a good series before the "rabbids" lets see where they go from here.
  13. shakirmoledina

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    does it usually have online? i think the downloadable version has been removed due to psn issues. Anything networking on the ps3 will be kept on hold.
  14. pitman

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    No PC ?!

    Remember your origins Ubisoft...
  15. boktor666

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    Aha! so thats where they went with Origins, a full release game. Now to say what its worth, but I like the local Co-op thing