Rayman Origins confirmed for Wii

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    It would appear that one of Ubisoft's reps accidentally leaked a bit of info that was intended to be unveiled at E3- Rayman Origins will be released for Wii. His quote is-

    "Rayman Origins will also be released as a retail-game for Wii, eventhough this is/was supposed to be a surprise for this year's E3." - Ubisoft rep

    The game, for those who haven't heard yet, is a prequel intended to delve into the back story behind Rayman's creation and how he became friends with Globox. It is a 2D sidescroller with impressive high resolution hand drawn visuals and has a very quirky gameplay style. Also possible from the old trailer is what appears to be co-op for multiplayer, where a second player can control Globox and the first Rayman, working together to beat levels and bosses. The game was already confirmed for release on Xbox 360 and PS3. It was originally planned to be released as an episodic download title for Xbox Live and PSN, with the first part planned for release this past December. Ubisoft recently confirmed that the game will be released as a full fledged retail game in stores, canceling plans for the download version and episodes. This change in plans was probably what made it possible to create the game for the Wii as well, since they are no longer restricted to WiiWare's file size limitation. It's also possible that being a fully fledged retail release could mean Ubisoft intends to make Rayman Origins available for even MORE systems in the future. Last year, they posted on the game's development blog that there was interest in creating ports for 3DS, PC, and even iOS. Wii was also among those possible systems, so it's possible they'll bring it to others. Keep your eyes peeled.

    So with the new announcements, the game is likely to be officially playable at E3 and a release date to be announced no doubt. We don't know whether the Wii version will receive any downgrades besides being in standard definition and not HD. For those who have not seen it yet, i will attach the E3 2010 trailer below. Beware that this was from last year and much has changed since then. The game may end up being different than initially thought. The footage you see is from the HD versions, not the Wii. Keep these things in mind until we see what the game actually looks like now that plans have changed. [/p]
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    [​IMG] Source #1
    [​IMG] Source #2
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    ...not much more to say.
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    Awesome. One of the few games at E3 last year that had me hyped (After some of those horrible conferences)
  4. JinTrigger

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    DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! I knew good games would come AFTER I sold my Wii.....Imma be all over this once I get a new one. Finally an actual Rayman game. WOOT WOOT!!! Too excited for this one.
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    This will definitely be one of the few games I buy for a console I don't own, only so I could play it at a friend's house.
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    i feel your pain. but it's coming for ps3 at least. has a retail copy how sad i was hoping for DLC... like AH3 oh well can't win em all? i still have to beat the first rayman and the music world is such a bitch.
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    Nice! I'm nostalgia'ing hard reading the line where it says '2D sidescroller Rayman'. I hope it will live up to my expectations.
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    So not for 3ds yet, but i guess it will be [​IMG]
  9. Tonitonichopchop

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    That's pretty awesome. I remember seeing this at E3 and wishing I could play it on my wii, so I guess I'm getting my wish.

    Now we just need Street Fighter IV.
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    Sweet news, but I almost rather have it be on WiiWare.

    I don't have the attention span/time to play a whole game on a console anymore.
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    The Space Time Continum
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    As i said before, the switch from digital is probably for the best. I can tell you that many developers shy away from Wiiware due to filesize restrictions. It's possible we would never have gotten the game at all on Wii had they chosen it to be a download only game. Now they've basically got plenty of space to work with, with 4-8 gigabytes of data available instead of the 40 megabytes max of WiiWare.

    Besides that, just play as much of the game as you want, stop, then pick up again when you feel like it. Same thing anyways. [​IMG]

    On a personal note, i'm highly anticipating this game. Looks lovely and very fun. Ubisoft is finally bringing Rayman back to what he should be. I'm glad they split the Rabbids into their own series away from Rayman. They had just taken over and destroyed the series even though some of the Rabbids games were pretty fun. Rayman is where it's at.
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    Great news, although the HD graphics look rather lurvely so may plump for the 360 game here.... having said that I wasn't keen on another article I read about it, where one of the devs said something like 'we are still catering for the veteran gamer by adding secret collectibles and time challenges' - in other words the game's gonna be a piece of piss to complete! Big fan of the original: if this is too easy it'll be a massive disappointment! [​IMG]