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    I have a few very simple questions to ask...I do apologize since I know there is a large thread that will probably answer my question, but it is over 80 pages long!!!

    So I downloaded RawkSD yesterday and unzipped the file. It gave me an apps folder with a two other folders inside....which i assume I place in my apps folder on my SD card. But along with it came several other files, some of the .dll files. Do I need those somewhere on the SD card?

    Second, am I reading the 80+ page thread right in that you must have an original copy of Rock Band 2 in order to use RawkSD? USB or backup discs don't work??

    Finally regarding custom songs. I understand that you can load all the songs from all the Rock bands and GH games, but can you install your own? For example if I wanted to create a Pink Floyd song, can I do that and then play through RawkSD?

    Thanks in advance!
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    shouldve just posted in the long thread
    yeah you can install customs into rock band 2 using rawksd (no idea on how to make customs but there are plenty of guides if you look around)