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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FlameTakuya, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. FlameTakuya

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    Aug 23, 2007
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    So... yeah. I joined this place awhile ago, but only started posting recently... And then I noticed this forum. XD

    Hey there, name's Takuya. It's not my real name though. My real name isn't English, so most people find it rather hard to remember. XD (If you really wanna know, drop me a PM.)

    I'm 17, male, from Singapore...

    Just thought of joining yet another seemingly nice DS community. I have a DS and R4DS, and they really are useful, aren't they? They keep me entertained a lot, that's for sure...

    Just wanted to hang around with a couple of people who have a DS too... You might see me around some of the topics...

    Currently, I'm Playing Phoenix Wright: TnT (For like the 4th time now? It's awesome.), Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, and several others...

    So yeah. Hey. ^^
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    Welcome Takuya! Seeing that you joined in Aug, I'm sure you know whats in store for you if you venture into the testing area right? Right? RIGHT?!

    Please enjoy your stay in the hotel and if there is nobody at the starbucks booth in the lobby, just ring the bell or holler