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    So it seems US TV has a bit of a thing for taking recent and older films and turning them into TV shows this last few years. Such a thing is not a new idea by any means but the only trend more obvious would have to be superhero films. Speaking of superhero films I am not necessarily talking about offshoots like the Marvel things. Many times I have said it would have made a better TV series and it appears I have my wish now for many things.


    Rush Hour
    Training Day
    Lethal Weapon
    Minority Report
    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Blade: The Series
    Transporter: The Series

    and some things that were not action films
    Uncle Buck
    Lock, Stock...The Series
    Ash vs. Evil Dead
    Damien (The Omen)
    School of Rock

    To go through all would take a while so quick fire for each, unless you really want to expand on something.
    Things I saw at any length.
    Limitless. Enjoyed the first few episodes and it kept it together as it went on but not great. Watch the first few episodes if nothing else.
    Training Day. The people making it appear to owe more than a passing nod to the shield. This is not a bad thing though as I am enjoying it thus far.
    Lethal Weapon. Not a good show by any means but really does capture the fun of the films for me.
    Minority Report. I sort of half watched Minority Report the film when I saw it however many years ago and did not see it after this. I can absolutely see why this was cancelled but I made it through.
    Taken. Only the first episode out thus far, better than I hear the sequels got to be.
    Blade. Really had potential I thought, glad I watched it.
    Transporter was very cheesy, even more so than the films. Never got around to seeing them in English though.
    Nikita. Watched somewhere up to around series 2, no particular desire to finish.
    Ash is in my to watch pile, damien I watched despite probably not seeing the omen in full.
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    I think this trend is worrying, you have to throw in The Exorcist, which I'm concerned about, though it has Geena Davis. I watched The Exorcist for the first time ever in 2015 and found it to be a mentally draining movie. Particularly at the last 20 or so minutes, after that, I felt really tired, going through so much of what that movie depicted. That's the mark of a fantastic horror film. I don't really watch TV so I can't comment on the shows in detail, except for Ash vs. Evil Dead. Only made it to the first 7 episodes of the first season. Definitely need to catch up, as I thought it was hilarious, gory, and made me happy that some people still use practical effects, a dying art in the mainstream media. Rush Hour, oh God, that show didn't even make it to, what, 5 episodes? It got cancelled fairly quickly, and the existence of the show is a slap in the face of my childhood. In many ways that was my Ghostbusters 2016, fuck that, never want to watch it, hmph.

    I'm surprised at the Lock, Stock Series. Err, it's like Trainspotting 2, why? Maybe they're good, I just find such a movie and this series existing to be rather bizarre. I was just thinking about this, related to TV, how come there was never an animated Harry Potter series? Similar to Star Wars' lore being expanded and explored in the form of animated shows, the Harry Potter world would have also benefit from this. It's certainly a different concept instead of yet another movie franchise, milking this apparent cash cow, but I digress.

    Hm, well at least some of these aren't movies, they'd function as reboots, sequels, or remakes, and Hollywood has too much of that already...
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