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    So, last night I come home after a walk at around 10pm and start talking to my mom. Part way through the conversation she mentions that I should leave MY key for the bike lock around my bike hanging in the living room. The reason for this is that my dad took it and locked my brother's bike and mine with it for safety(mostly because my bike is worth $4000+) before he left for work. Well after he did this I said ok they're locked, "yadayada", then left the house and brought the keys with me like I always do. The Next day my mthr called and asked "where are the keys". I answered, "in my pocket, why?" She explained to me why and then I repeated screamed "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" because I did not want to be forced back in to coming home.

    Well after she mention hanging the key I said "Why?" She said "because I don't want your brother's bike locked up again"(which it won't because it's my lock and my dad does, that not me). I repeated said no and eventually got told to shut up and leave the key here. After being told that I purposely threw the keys up in the air and caught them and then walked completely upstairs with them. Within the next hour she totally forgot the conversation(or at least she gave up on it because she knew I had a valid point).

    This next morning after that I hear her screaming "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP GODDAMMIT!" I awake with not a clue of what is going on, except that I'm somewhat tired from the night before's sleep schedule. I get downstairs and see my brother half passed out on the love seat and my baby brother eating some mooshed up cereal. I hear my mom say "you guys need to go take that gazebo down before it blows away!"(this has happened already with other gazebos) I hear that and say "Yeah, maybe when i get dressed" joking around. I go on my marry way getting myself a bowl of cereal and pouring some milk. As I begin to walk in the living room to sit down and eat this cereal she yells my name saying that I need to take out the trash bins to the side walk and that she has said this already. Me, having no fucking clue what she is talking about, runs upstairs, puts a random pair of shorts on and takes the bins to the side walk where they are now being picked up(this was about an hour, hour 1/2 before this post). I walk back in to the house and she's screaming at me because my brother is acting like me and not doing shit when he is told (when he is actually just tired). She is also saying that she is going to move us in to a trailer so she can save herself the money and that we're acting like a bunch of "worthless sacks of shit". Then I work my self outside to take that gazebo down, and when I'm just about to take it down my brother walks out to help and I say "just go back, I got this", my mom screams at me for saying this and "yadayada", I just continue on my way to taking that down. When I am done she says "nobody gets anything, no money, no rides anywhere, no internet, no video games, etc. When she is done with that I walk upstairs and get on the computer to rant about it and here we are.

    I think she's going insane and right now she's on the Adkin's Diet w/e that is and personally I think she's just always on her period but w/e
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