Random crashes during gameplay

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Tseng, Nov 1, 2006.

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    I've got a DS Lite, a M3 Lite, Passcard 3, and 1GB Kingston Micro SD. The SD card is FAT16 64k formatted. I'm using the Game Manager to get all the files onto the card.

    No matter what game I choose to play, NDS or GBA, it will inevitably freeze up and force me to restart my DS. Usually within 15 minutes or so, though I have gone an hour or so a couple times now. On occassion, I will get an error message regarding "SPRAM" (I think it's something like "Write SPRAM fail!") that will stick around for 2-3 minutes (even after rebooting the DS a few times) then suddenly disappear. This has happened with every game I have tried, which is around 15-20 now, regardless of whether I set the ROMs to 1x, 4x or Safe Mode. Trying to start up games with the "Start" button does not seem to change anything either.

    As seen in my other thread, http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=38676, I seem to be having nothing but bad luck with this. While I did manage to get that other problem fixed (my SD card reader was screwed, apparently), this new problem is keeping me from actually enjoying my new purchase. Is my cartridge defective or is there something I can do to fix this besides sending it back to Real Hot Stuff for a replacement?

    I'm off to bed now so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas I will see them in the morning and try them out. I included everything I thought may be useful in solving this problem, but if there's any other information that might help just say so and I'll post it before I go to work in the morning. I just want to play some games without worrying whether I'll get to the next save point before the next crash. [​IMG]
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    This issue has been discussed before. This problem has to do with the m3 lite pcboard making bad contact with the connectors in slot2. What usually happens is the pcboard is misaligned in the casing, so try opening up the casing and realigning (a good bet is to make sure the screw that holds it down goes in with minimal resistance) and tighten accordingly (don't overtighten to strip the bolt but make sure it's firm). Otherwise try changing a casing to see what happens, there seems to be inconsistencies in m3 lite's casing. Other people have made casing mods to the case to avoid this issue:


    Good luck.

    EDIT: Realhotstuff will back the product they sell 100%, best vendor I've ever dealt with. Every unit of supercard lite and m3 lite I've got from them has had 0 problems. So if you can't get this figured out, you can try opening a claims ticket and they'll respond accordingly.