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  1. TwinBlades

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    Aug 3, 2008
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows how to get white people back for being racist to asians? I'm only in grade 9 and I moved from Vancouver to London Ontario and theres lots of white people here which is opposite to Vancouver. It's only been a year and half since I've been here and people are being racist to me. I had a few friends before but they all left and started hanging out with other people and started being racist to me. Everyone aways say go work at your sweat shop, make me some shoes, chinque, and they stretch their eyes. They also say other racist things. I only have one friend thats actually nice even tho he sometimes make racist jokes. I'm sick and tired of this. Now there's this stupid kid that keeps on CALLING ME CHINQUE EVEN THO I'M NOT F***** CHINESE!!! I really want to beat the crap out of him I cant hold my anger anymore. I told my parents about this and they said that everyone does that and ignore them BUT I CANT. One of the problems is that when people are racist to me I cant figure a good white people racist comment and I aways make fun of my own race even tho I dont want to. Can people here help me out please? Tell me some good racist comments if you could so I can get them back? Help me control the anger? This is also making me get bad grades in school so please help if you could.

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    Don't ask for racist comebacks - just ignore the ignorant racists, they're narrow-minded fools.

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