R4i thing going on? Need help, long story xD

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Tony_93, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Jun 13, 2015
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    Hey guys, it seems I came through a situation I can't proccess.

    I never played Phoenix Wright games before and they are so popular that I decided to give them a go with a R4i RTS 3DS, since region is not a problem I downloaded the EUR roms because they have spanish languaje which is my first languaje :rolleyes:

    The other day my O3DS was out of battery so I popped the cart in my JAP N3DS and the save file was not there! Only the option to create a new one, panicked for a little while, took my USA N3DS to see if the save game is there... and it is... loaded and kept playing like nothing... Finished the game between my USA O3DS and USA N3DS, I assumed the JAP N3DS would create a different region saves perhaps or something... but other games' savefiles created in the USA 3DS work with no problems.

    So I got to the second game, I wanted to play it in my JAP N3DS because it's smaller and nore portable (Yeah I got suckered into believing Nintendo really wasn't releasing it in America so I eventualy imported it :glare:), saved a few times, turned system off and when I came back later, there is no savefile :ohnoes:...

    So it occurs to me to put the R4 into my USA systems... and they can read and continue playing the savefile created by the Japanese system just fine, but the damn japanese crap can't even see it in the menu:nayps3:

    Has anyone ever had this problem? It only happens wih the 2 Phoeninx Wright games so far, I don't reallywant to play all 4 Ace Attorney games in my XL systems :shit:
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