R4i sdhc (Not 3DS) new firmware V1.42b for DSi V1.43 released,

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    well, R4i sdhc official site released the new firmware V1.42b to make their R4i sdhc (Not R4i sdhc 3DS ) support DSi V1.43. Just download the lastest firmware and update your R4i sdhc easily.

    Quote from R4i-sdhc.com

    To those who have R4i V1.41 and R4i V1.42 card, the update of NDSi V1.43 have already been released, please download the latest kernel to update your R4i card. Upgrade Instruction (2011-07-26)
    IMPORTANT: Products labeled "" do not support upgrade for NDSi V1.4.3, we will release the update soon, sorry for the inconvenience.


    For R4i sdhc 3DS english version R4i sdhc 3DS firmware V1.42b

    Also in filetrip : http://filetrip.net/f25762-R4i-SDHC-3DS-V1...29-V1-4-2b.html

    For R4i sdhc english version R4i sdhc firmware V1.42b

    other language versions see here : http://r4i-sdhc.com/downloade.asp

    Also a update instruction from official site

    Step 1


    Step 2


    Step 3


    Step 4


    V1.42 changelog

    R4i V1.42b Update:

    1. Firmware upgrade to support NDSI 1.4.3.
    2. Integrate firmware upgrade features. Goto config menu for firmware upgrading.
    3. Fix display bug of Korean language.
    4. Solved games:
    5774 - Tinker Bell to Yousei no Ie (JP)
    5773 - Camping Mama + Papa (JP)