R4i SDHC Dual Core RTS 2015 firmware

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    Sorry posted this in the wrong place. Will close this and move it to r4

    I am looking for the firmware for this card http://www.r4isdhc.com/2014-r4isdhc-dual-core/ since I am getting the "An error has occur" when I try to boot into the card using my 3ds. I was trying to dual boot wood r4 by using waio and one of the .nds files included in the pack I downloaded seem to have installed a different firmware. I also have a questions if i somehow installed a different firmware such as the waio will my icon change or stay the same because it is the same as game icon as before. Does waio have a kernel as the pack that used only included a _rpg and a few different .nds for I am assuming different cards, so assuming the waio firmware installed a different firmware I would need the thing that boot waio or r4 wood? I'm hoping to try install the firmware before I call this card bricked.

    Edit: sorry posted this in the wrong place
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    BARNWEY Legen-wait for it-dary

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    1. Is it the normal 3ds error screen, or one for the cart?
    2. I wouldn't use WAIO on that cart as I heard it can brick it (if you really need something different, try YSMENU or TTMENU (if you like the default DSTT look))
    3. Changing the firmware will not change the cart icon, that is built into the cart.
    4. WoodR4 will not work on any cards from r4isdhc.com, sorry dude...
    If it's showing the default 3ds error screen, it's probably a brick...
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