R4i SDHC DS Happy Box DobleC's Edition (V2.0.14)

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    Sep 22, 2016
    Hello guys, looking in the net, I've suffered to be able to play Pokémon White 2 in this flashcard (a clone of R4).
    I did not find the latest version of the system kernel, when I found it, it did not load the most recent games, etc...
    In the end I managed to fix everything by customizing a version of YsMenu.
    So here I bring a pack of files with everything you need to be able to play everything on this flashcard with some interesting changes:
    +I have edited the main menu so that the old direct access to the multimedia manager redirects to the YsMenu.
    +The multimedia manager has been deleted, I do not see it necessary having smartphones.
    +There is only one theme, this is because you have to edit the graphics on the lower screen to change the multimedia icon to YsMenu one.
    +English is now the only selectable language (there are no translations for the most recent version).

    This version is focused on extremely noob people, you just have to format your microSD, unzip the zip in the root of the card, turn on the console and play.
    In the flashcard menuyou must enter into games and if a game does not work in the original kernel, open the YsMenu (from the main menu icon or from the .nds file in the games folder) and load it from there.

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