R4i Gold isn't working very well (STILL NOT FIXED)

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by RedSpyGentlemen, May 7, 2014.

  1. There's two things that really bother me with my R4iGold.
    Some background information:
    BOUGHT AT: NDS-CARD.COM (Gbatemp's official sponsor)
    SD CARD BRAND: Sandisk
    IS IT FAKE?: No.

    1. The update feature for the R4i Gold RTS is really funky. I press updated and a whole bunch of things go on the screen all at once. Like r4ids.cn is loading, white flickers etc. I don't know if it updated or not.

    2. Animal Crossing wild world isn't working. Every other game works fine, but this game in particular is really fucked up. I got it from c**l**m.com and it works on a computer emulator. I tried formatting the SD card with the parasonic sd card formatter, tried looking for errors with window checking thing. I also tried shrinking the allocated cluster size to 8kb. Nothing works.

    3. I know I said 2, but this is also whacky. From time to time ingame, the top screen of my 3DS XL flickers white bars (They don't go up or anything, they just stay in the middle of the screen for a second and vanishes). It's really weird.

    I'm using latest wood version. The r4i gold brand is from r4ids.cn.
    Thanks, and have fun.
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