1. NowhereManByNight

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    Aug 11, 2018
    United Kingdom
    Hi guys, I have a flashcart from a few years ago (2011 i think). I've been doing some research into 3ds hacks and have read the guide at 3ds.hacks.guide extensively. I can't tell if this card is supported or not as it looks very similar to some of the supported cards and has the same name, but has a small ''v6.1'' on it. I've looked all over the web for the latest firmware but can't seem to find anything that boots on my 3ds without an error message. Quite simply, is it compatible with a N3DSXL on version 11.6, and if so what firmware do I need to make it actually boot without an error and where can I find it? Here's a picture of the card, and many thanks in advance.

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