R4 Upgrade SDHC, Slot-2 and GBA Linkage

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by PhoenixT, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Thanks to all of your good counseling, with a special thanks to hundshamer, I managed to breathe new life into my old R4SDHC, basically having DSTT and YSMenu up and running, and being so able to use the card as a PassMe for my EzFlash IV.

    My doubt is: I read that, somehow, is possible use the "linked" games NDS+GBA even with Flash Cards. For example, the infamous "Pal Park" between the NDS Pokemon Games and the GBA. I searched lots of "Pal Park" materials, but with no avail. I've got an original Pokemon Diamond and an original Pokemon Sapphire on hand: between them, no big deal.

    But if I were to play with a backup version of both roms? Or a backup version of the GBA rom only, would it be possible? I tried to simply boot up with my original Diamond and a backup of the Sapphire lodged in the NOR ram of the Ez, but maybe that's not the right way. If that exists at all...

    EDIT: Found a way to "link" the backupped copies.
    The secret is patching the DS rom with pokepatch, and loading it on the R4.
    Then copying the Pokemon FireRed rom, along with its savegame, on the NOR memory of the Ezflasf IV.

    Blammo! The stuff does it's trick.