R4 Upgrade Revolution for DS Lite used to work but now, not a single kernel works.

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    I bought this R4 card about a year and a half ago for my Palkia & Dialga DS Lite that I had bought a couple months after it had released. I used my DS mostly to play my GBA games as my GBA SP was lost in a move and Pokemon Soulsilver and some Mario titles. After I had stopped playing for a while, my sister asked for it and I decided to get her an R4 card so she could play some barbie games. After a lot of frustration back then, I got it to work. Created custom themes with pictures I liked and the works. I had a pleathra of games as well as cheats for each game.

    When my friend went to Marine boot camp, I gave him the R4 card so he could play whenever and whatever he wanted. Fast forward a year later and he had formatted the micro SD and lossed the kernel that worked. Now that I have, I wanted to just get it to work. I looked up every website I could, search various forums and the like to see which kernel I needed or if I was doing anything different from the first time I got it to work. I downloaded and tried a bunch of R4 kernels but to no avail. I formatted the micro SD to Fat 32 default allocation each time in between the kernels I tried and not a single one worked. I even tried using the Panasonic SD Formater in an attempt to get the damn thing to work. Here's a screenshot of what the various kernels held.
    I grouped the similar kernels together.

    The various websites I checked or got the kernels from:

    Please, if anyone could help or if you have the same card/ds as me, I would really appreciate any insight or even better, the kernel files.

    TL;DR Have this R4 card to play games on this DS Lite and have tried these kernels. A look at the contents of the kernels.
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