R4 SDHC Dual-Core 2013, what is the compatibility with 3DS firmware?

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    Jun 23, 2015
    So quite some time ago I bought an R4 for my DSi (newest firmware, 1.4.5 I believe), it worked flawlessly, I could play all my games fine. A couple of days back, I got myself a secondhand 3DS XL, which was updated to 9.8.0-20E, and also some regular 3DS demo units which ran older firmware. The older units which still had version firmware on them ran the R4 fine and I could play all the older NDS games, but the new one with 9.8.0 just spewed out an error.

    So my main question is: is it possible to upgrade the 2013 version to support 9.8.0 (I only found kernels for 2015 models since all the sites have by long discontinued support for the 2013/2014 ones, and obviously those 2015 kernels don't work...), or is 9.8.0 simply too new?

    I've read somewhere that the 2013 version supports up to 6.3.0 of the 3DS(XL), but I was just wondering if there is any way at all to make this older R4 work with the new firmware. If it doesn't I will prolly invest in a Sky3DS since it's also capable of playing 3DS titles, and if it does I can have a 2nd flashcard to hold an SD with the older GBA/NDS titles.

    Thanks in advance. I did quite some reading but many things still confuse me since there are many options everywhere. I do want to understand this as much as I can.