R4 not loading Cheat.dat files (Help)

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by AtWorldsEnd2012, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I've followed numerous tutorials on gettng the Action replay cheats to work on my R4.

    Here is one that I've tried recently:


    On your MicroSD card, find the folder called "_system_".

    Delete your old "cheat.dat" and "usrcheat.dat" from that folder (back them up to your PC if necessary).

    Place the new "cheat.dat" inside the "_system_" folder.

    NOTE: Avoid just overwriting as that CAN cause some codes to fail to appear on your flashcard. Remove the old dats first, then add the new one.

    I have tried everything! Why the heck can't I get it to work?

    Do I have to name the .nds files the same as its named in the cheat.dat file?
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    It should be you put your usrcheat.dat on your _system_ folder. I think. Haven't uploaded cheats for a long time.
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    Hmm....that's some of the text from the download in my sig.

    It sounds like you are running an older R4 firmware from before they supported R4 cheats. Make sure you're running the latest firmware. I don't remember what firmware version it was that started AR cheat support, but the R4 didn't always have AR cheat support. Only the last few updates had the ability. To determine what version firmware your R4 is running now, boot your R4 in the DS. Your current firmware version is listed in the bottom-left of the bottom screen immediately upon booting your R4.

    You can get the latest firmware files here: (current version is 1.11)

    Be sure to get the correct language version for your R4.

    When you update the firmware, be sure to also delete the old _DS_MENU.SYS file. It will be re-created by the R4 upon the first boot using the new firmware. Not deleting that file after updating can cause weird stuff to happen.

    Also, not every game has cheats for it. Keep that in mind. The dat I maintain is updated almost daily, so you might want to make sure you have the latest one of the dat too.

    Cheats are tagged to the games by their GameID, not the title of the nds file, so that isn't the problem.

    Hope that helps you.