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    Some help here would be great. I know this is a huge post but I didn't know what else to do. Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. I'm not to good with computers but I did get the basics of my R4 working, then I decided to push my luck and customize my R4 and I think I messed up the organization of the folders. I tried to install moonshell and I also tried to intall an Organizer program. If I go into the moonshell program (the middle icon when the R4 boots up) it automatically starts a movie I can't select which one I want and it gives a really quick message about an error that I don't have time to read, and I can't find my .txt files on my ds. This is how it is organized according to my computer. I got into almost all of my folders with the exception of the ones I created and the DSOrganize folder.
    My Root Directory (F:) looks like this:


    (This folder has a subfolder ebook, a Video CD Movie file called CHEAT, and a .bmp file called gbaframe)

    ebook folder has three "Video CD Movie file folders they are labeled FONTL, FONTS, and FONTM.

    This has only one item, a subfolder labeled "English"

    English Folder has two items, one Video CD Movie file labeled "_DS_MENU" and a folder named "moonshl"

    moonshl folder has 15 items
    6 SAV files named:

    1 Font file titled "system"

    3 "Configuration Settings" files named:

    1 ANK File named "system"

    3 File Folders named:
    (this folder mostly has a bunch of 815 Files and two more File Folders labeled lang0 and lang1)
    (this folder contains mostly .bmp files a few mp3 files, and some others)
    (this folder has a ton of "Windows Installer Patch" files, quite a few .txt files, some configuration settings files, a BIN file, and a MSE file)

    DSOrganize (If I go into this folder from my ds it has a bunch of subfolders with nothing in them)

    Games (I created this folder)

    Homebrew (I created this folder)

    Movies (I created this folder)

    Music (I created this folder)

    Then I have a few other things

    _DS_MENU (my comp says this is a "Video CD Movie" file)

    _DS_MENU (this is showing as a system file)

    _DS_MSHL.NDS (obviously a nds file)

    English-1.15 (this is a WinRAR archive file)

    MPSetupXP (my comp says this is an application file)

    PrintTags (application file)

    MasterMindDS Manual (Text Document )

    DSOrganize.ds.gba (GBA file)

    DSOrganize.nds (If I try to run this on my DS it says "Please wait...Initializing FAT. and it shows a dancing cow but nothing ever happens)

    DSOrganize.sc.nds (If I try to run this on my DS it loading and shows the loading bar but it never loads and I have to shut my ds down)

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    err.. would you mind, first to lower your letter-size, i wont read the thread until you've done ATLEAST that..
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    Seriously, HOLY FUCK. O_O
    That's huge alright. Huge is an understatement.

    I'll help you as soon as you fix the text, I just can't be bothered to read text that huge.

    EDIT: You fixed it, so I'll help.
    Move all the contents of the English folder to the root of your MicroSD.
    You can delete the winrar archive, I have no idea what MPSetupXP and PrintTags are, must be something you put there.
    Delete DSOrganize.sc.nds and .ds.gba - they are for slot-2 carts.
    DSOrganize should work fine, assuming R4's auto DLDI patching is functioning properly. I can't see why it shouldn't.
    Also, when you turn off the DS while moonshell is playing video or music, it resumes playing the next time you start moonshell. Just press B to exit back to the moonshell file browser.
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    if you need backup give me your e mail i wil send you the good files i god the r4 too and also chansed some tings
    but made a back up myself so its not a problem
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    1st things 1st:

    R4DS needs only these folders to work:
    * the name says it all, the core of R4(well, not really, DS_MENU is the firmware), normally contains :
    **ebook folder(optional): usually where you put .txt files which is readable by R4, but you can store any data here. Also contains fonts so you can read.

    **themes folder(optional): usually contains themes for your GUI

    **CHEAT.dat(optional): cheat database for use with R4. Delete it if you don't need cheats

    **usrcheat.dat(optional level2): more than just optional, provides access to cheats you create manually with R4cheat editor

    **gbaframe.bmp: needed to play gba games, namely to create a frame around the screen, not needed if your theme has one.

    *moonshl folder, needed to boot up moonshell, popular homebrew for mediaplaying and imageviewing. Anything inside it shouldn't be disturbed, as moonshell it self won't show the moonshl


    Files needed to boot R4DS:
    _DS_MENU.dat: the firmware, what else can I say?
    _DS_MENU.nds: the thing that boots your R4DS
    _DS_MSHL.nds: the moonshell itself

    That's all you need to know. Also, when a homebrew points to :Place xxx in R4 root folder they mean outside _system_ folder, not inside it, it should be in the same folder with _system_ folder

    that English folder contains your firmawre, deleting it will prove to be fine

    These items are not needed, they can be deleted, depending on how important they are

    Games (I created this folder)

    Homebrew (I created this folder)

    Movies (I created this folder)

    Music (I created this folder)

    These folders are fine, since it's custom-made. Just remember what is the definition of "root folder"

    Other than that, nothing more about R4DS folders