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    For many of you who dont know the M3 Flashcart is based on the R4 and there are two versions for both a chinese and english version. If you have a chinese version you cannot just switch it to english just by the firmware and vice versa with the english to chinese. There is also a way to change the M3 to an R4 and the other way around all will be explained in this tutorial. My apologies for having bad quality on the pictures.

    Now for this tutorial you will need basic knowledge of how to use a solder really easy.

    To Convert your R4 Chinese to English or vice Versa this works with the M3 also all you have to do is either unsolder a point on your R4 in the picture below. Solder on the point means to have it as English and no Solder means to have it as chinese.


    Now to convert your R4 to an M3 or to have your M3 as an R4 all you have to do is solder another point. Having it soldered will mean it will be an M3 and not having it soldered will result in it being an R4.


    I didnt make this tutorial

    i would give you a link to the person who did make it but it links to a rom site lol
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    Thanks for the tutorial, but I hear this hack works only for people who own the first batch of the R4/M3 Simply.
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    They pulled a Wii on us.