R4 and 2GB MicroSD Media... what is the Best out there to use?

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by moviecouple, Apr 20, 2008.

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    Been out of the scene for over a year now and wanted to see what is the opinion currently of what to buy. I have an R4 and had it since it was released. I believe you still cannot use the SDHC cards, so that still limits it to 2GB.

    What is the best 2GB media out there to use with it. I have a few Sandisk (worked perfectly), Sandisk Ultra II (worked faster), A-Data (very temperamental/glitchy) and bought them back when they were $60.00 each. Now 2GB media has come WAY down in price. I see Kingtson for $8.69, Crucial $8.69, Ridata $9.48 and of course Sandisk $15.99. So now... what has been tried and tested to work perfectly other than my Sandisk?
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    From Where???


    hmm how embarassing... thats the correct link

    at the bottom of the list you will find micro cd cards and their issues. i recommend a 2gb kingston japanese card for the r4 (it is what i'm using). the problem being most of the flash kit sites will rip you off when it comes to japanese branded kingstons because they know they can. here are two links, i actually purchased the second link and love it!


    -another world
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    Uh dude...I have no clue if it was intentional...

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