R4 3ds problems (ndsill.net) green in colour

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    Jan 19, 2013
    i accidentally updated my 3ds to version 4.5.0-10u . recently, i just bought a r4i ndsill) and when i went to the website it states it only support ver 4.4. so what am i suppose to do? do i have to wait untill they state that it supports my current version before i can use my r4? when i slot the r4 into my 3ds it shows a finding nemo game and when i press A it shows: an error has occurred. Please refer to the Operation Manual for more information. is my r4 bricked? is it normal to show a finding nemo game? and when i downloaded the kernal it does not have any r4.dat file and dsmenu file. is it normal to not have them? because when i look it up at the website it tells me to put at the root of the memory card but i dont have these 2 file. what can i do before i can start using my r4?
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    It's not bricked, it's blocked. You need to wait for an update and then run the update using an older DS (one that will still run the cart in the first place).

    It's been over a month since 4.5.x though, so I'd suggest a different cart since they might not update.