R4 3DS Gold won't work on my 3DS. Help!

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by Pendraggon, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Pendraggon

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    Apr 28, 2014
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    PS: It's a wood, sorry.

    Hey guys, I come here in search for help. This has also been cross posted to another part of the forum for more help and support.

    Okay so after a long amount of time of being in and out with DS's and gaming and stuff, i decide to look for one of my old R4's for 3DS. Only...

    Only my R4i 3DS Wood isn't working on my 3DS. It comes up with the Error has occurred screen when I try to use it. This has baffled me as I am running 7.1.0-16E and the latest kernel on http://www.r4ids.cn/ advertises that it supports this version of my 3DS.
    I have updated the kernel, it still doesn't work. I have also tried downloading the R4i Patch which is directly under the download for the latest kernel. And I have updated it on my DS Lite. When I did this I ran the updater on my DS Lite and the update confirmed as successful. Still no dice. (Though to be fair, I did see some weird stuff about having to remove the card, put it back in, and then do the update? I did that and it failed, i left it in and it succeeded. I'm not sure what that's about.)

    So now I'm out of ideas. I can still play the R4i 3DS Wood on the DS Lite, however the DS lite cannot read the r4 well and will sometimes think the card is removed, which sucks. So I would much prefer to play it on my nice working 3DS XL. Can anybody help me? Thank you in advance.

    Oh, and I'm assuming it is an R4i 3DS Wood because it says that it is 3DS compatible on the front of the card and the website at the bottom leads to the website mentioned above.
  2. learningprogrammer101

    learningprogrammer101 Member

    Apr 30, 2014
    United States
    Hey guys dont post much but figured i havent been finding to much information so why not. I currently bought a R4i gold 3ds sdhc rts card and a 2g microsd card. I have ver 7.1.0-16U on my 3ds. So i've tried a lot of stuff on my own, trial and error, but cant seem to figure out some problems. I had no problem downloading and putting the wood kernal onto the micro sd card, the firmware was beautiful. I'm going to post promblems and questions below, so if anyone knows what they are doing please reply much apprciated.

    Problem: I only got NEW Super Mario Bros to work and MarioKartds. I took them off but still had original file on computer went to put them back on and they didnt work. So tried again and only the NEW Super Mario Bros worked.
    Question: How come only New Super mario Bros worked. Is it beacause i put it on wrong?

    Problem: Like I mentioned before i could only get those 2 ds games to work and then only one worked after. I tried different games also like Zelda Phatom Hourglass, Zelda Spirit, Kingdom Hearts Recoded, Call Of Duty 4 ( different files from different sites, i mean 3 diffenet files for each game trying to see if it was the file) and the file physically sometimes has the right icon pitcure while sometimes is corrupt. Sometimes these load and only get a black or white screen sometimes audio will play.
    Question: How come these don't work and why do i get a black or white screen? (alot people have problems with black or white screens so this would be helpful)

    Problem: Can't seem to get GBA emulator working.
    Question: Does GBA emulator and roms work on R4i gold 3ds sdhc rts card?

    Problem: I got the SNES emulator to work but only an old mario game worked the zelda game did not.
    Question: Why does this happen?

    Problem: I got the lameboy to work but only pokemon trading card game works(which is dope) , but pokemon silver and crystal didn't (didnt try other games just multipe files)
    Question: How come this is having similar problems like the SNES?

    So i feel that these are some common problems that people have been having troubled answered. People say drag and drop game should work but unfortunatly can't say that worked for me. Don't know if i have to patch anything(which i heard some files come patch some don't) curious if anyone knows about patching. I heard something about the file having to be right size to make sure the ds recognized it as the right game.

    For anyone who replys thank you for your help and knowledge.
    P.S Curious if i goofed up and should have got a dstwo card instead of R4i gold 3ds sdhc rts card?
  3. lidolinn

    lidolinn Member

    Mar 27, 2011
    United States
    when they say fully supported, they could mean their new HARDWARE supported the latest nintendo firmware but not the old hardware, I'm not sure, but it's the only thing I can think of
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